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a nice acoustic track, slow, surreal and haunting is what I hear in my head with just this at the beginning...or use it and abuse it for your own pleasure. :) Just thought I would throw this out there. I had it in my recording program just sitting there.


June 12 2016 11:44:04
GirardGirard Used this in #75437 Thank you!!!
February 12 2016 22:39:11
johhny2gunjohhny2gun I hear angels! and some fat r&b funk
February 08 2016 14:52:02
LieschingLiesching Didn´t miss this, just forgot to thumb it up smile.gif Tried to do something with this beautiful theme, but wasn´t pleased yet. I´ll try harder, Kell smile.gif
+1 February 08 2016 15:16:14 LieschingKellsBells
It was just a little vocal ditty. I'm honored you are trying at all! Grin
February 08 2016 15:39:32 LieschingKellsBells
You know 34105 is still one of my favorite tracks on all the Loops. You could always throw in some vocal ditties too! Wink (I know, I know, I'm always trying to get you to sing too!) smile.gif
February 08 2016 15:44:03 LieschingLiesching
I´m on a track of Kennyadry and Mpointon and try to sing on it, but catched a bad cold, though... Shock Still waiting for my Kurzweil Artis SE stage piano; hope it won´t take too long.
February 08 2016 15:49:56 LieschingKellsBells
OH no! Hope you feel better and your piano arrives soon!!!
January 23 2016 16:59:34
RelativityRelativity Missed this! Awesome~
August 30 2015 17:59:04
MidoruMidoru Oh, I missed one - very good recording, especially considering the set up you have listed!... Now, this is a fine bit of tease, but I would love to hear more of these heavenly a capella harmonies . I most eagerly await your next offering, my fair gifted nightingale (remembered my line, hehe) smile.gif
August 30 2015 01:49:01
RelativityRelativity Way Cool! Awesome vocals!
July 26 2015 06:32:22
GirardGirard Used this as part of the ending on track 45997. I hope you don't mind smile.gif
July 25 2015 21:50:18
GirardGirard HEY!!!!! I love it. I'm going to use it for sure!
+1 July 26 2015 02:24:13 GirardKellsBells
Can't wait to see what you do to it! smile.gif
June 24 2015 23:19:14
heliandrosheliandros I love those sequences. Especially in such a musicial quality.
It evolves new ideas.

June 12 2015 22:25:49
FrankMilFrankMil Very creative

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