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Took a few goes to decide what to play on this fab track from Cody. Obvious choice was some kind of shuffle, perhaps even the ubiquitous 'Roseanna' beat. But it all seemed a bit clumsy and busy and sounded like it was too much. I wanted busy, but gentle and subtle.

In the end I fell back to my favourite drum rudiment - the double paradiddle (RLRLRRLRLRLL for those who don't know). This always gives a lovely lilt to any shuffled music.

I left the first section empty, joining on the second section with a double paradiddle between the rim of the snare and the snare head, the second half of this section I introduce a splashing hi-hat. Final section is more of the same except my right hand moves to the ride. Beware the changeover! It's a bar of 3/4!

I hope you enjoy.


June 16 2015 04:25:33
garymcmillgarymcmill That's some good stuff.
June 04 2015 04:25:27
akethesnakerakethesnaker Great drumming! Love that knock on the side stuff. We need to fix you a Tama Superstar or Slingerland haha
June 04 2015 01:23:47
mpointonmpointon LOL. 2:25 I can hear the phone ringing again! Need to up my noise gates!
June 04 2015 00:19:16
RobMRobM What a beautiful beat !! smile.gif
June 03 2015 18:53:23
PsychoPsycho You're a great drum teacher... love how you explain what you're doing on a track... another great play M !!
+1 June 04 2015 01:25:37 Psychompointon
Thanks, psycho. I can never decide whether I'm just talking too much! I like to explain my thinking behind a track. Can't help it.
June 03 2015 17:49:35
GuadañaGuadaña I'm with piper... such a great piece mates!!
June 03 2015 16:21:49
cody trippcody tripp Wow that sounds awesome !!!
June 03 2015 16:20:53
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler very good colleaguesmile.gif
June 03 2015 16:17:14
piperpiper What a nice piece! MP Grin
June 03 2015 15:57:02
AKchenAKchen interesting ... perfect fit

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