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Very nice of Piper to name a track after me!

Sadly my add is hardly worthy of the word 'opus'. I added a funky-ish backbeat. Not getting a good drum sound today - no idea what's up as nothing's changed on my setup.

Anyway, thanks for another great template, Piper. Here you go!


May 28 2016 15:14:50
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Excellent Martin! Cool how it provides the cool template from Piper smile.gif
June 08 2015 20:49:01
nuno1959nuno1959 Well Martin i really like it, is it like fireworks & flamboyant ?
Not really no BUT.. it definitely underlines & brings forth Piper's template in the nicest way so…
I LIKE IT !! There !! Wink

June 07 2015 20:50:02
WadeWade Good one. Making it sparkle.
June 06 2015 20:55:32
GirardGirard Incredible as usual
June 06 2015 11:41:13
akethesnakerakethesnaker Nice funk!smile.gif
June 06 2015 00:36:56
incivanpicoincivanpico This is Great!smile.gifcool colla'b guys!Wink
June 05 2015 15:35:26
Davnel99Davnel99 This is another great backbeat/synth that I have all sorts of ideas for. I need my magic geenie to pop out and be my studio guy to get my sound right. Frustrating to not know what the hell I'm doing with these mixes to get a good product.
+1 June 07 2015 01:14:47 Davnel99piper
Hang in there, you have great adds Grin
June 05 2015 11:56:27
GirardGirard Ha! That's another killer track from Piper, and the drums are just wonderful WOW

I'm in love with this

June 04 2015 22:52:50
AKchenAKchen wow!!
June 04 2015 19:31:50
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler super colleaguesmile.gifI hope that "colleague" is right wordssmile.gif
Sounds like: [ electro ] [ funky ]

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