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Short ditty from Nuno with sopranino accompaniment. Had to watch his hands closely for those entries and changes. Light fare that would be enhanced by whatever you wish to add.


June 13 2015 22:29:32
Pit BrettPit Brett nice duet again!
+1 June 14 2015 01:26:51 Pit BrettWade
Thanks Pit. Only one more Nuno/Wade live bit to come. Hope all have found them amusing. Your comments always appreciated.
June 13 2015 18:07:15
GuadañaGuadaña What a great work by you two mates!!
+1 June 14 2015 01:25:42 GuadañaWade
Thanks Guadana! Sorry that I couldn't get up to see you on this trip. Maybe next time?
June 13 2015 14:07:25
FrankMilFrankMil great drinking music for listening to wine to (sic). ha ha!
Great stuff -really like it a lot

+1 June 14 2015 01:24:48 FrankMilWade
Happy to provide the background music for any happy occasion. Cheers.
June 13 2015 13:10:41
nuno1959nuno1959 Man, you did record quite a few bits & bobs huh !?
With that recorder in your pocket, you're worse than the NSA…. Grin Grin
Only difference is that it's a pleasure to know you recorded the stuff, love it Wink

+2 June 14 2015 01:16:02 nuno1959Wade
You're to only one who would know what the title meant...our secret.

Only one more recording left, which was also our last.
June 13 2015 06:58:14
LieschingLiesching Love it! smile.gifsmile.gifsmile.gif
+2 June 14 2015 01:24:06 LieschingWade
Very kind of you to listen. Thanks Marc.
June 13 2015 05:56:39
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler Again great exercise from both of yousmile.gif
+2 June 14 2015 01:23:41 Lenny CowlerWade
Thanks Lenny. I just love the immediate "warts and all" jam stuff.
June 13 2015 03:58:36
RobMRobM Another Wade/Nuno special !!
You can see the smiles on your faces hearing this !! smile.gif smile.gif

+2 June 14 2015 01:22:50 RobMWade
Rob, my man. Planning any trips to FNQ? Will be back in three weeks. Thanks for the listen and comment.
June 14 2015 03:40:29 RobMRobM
Hey Wade, nothing planned, but you never know Wink
June 13 2015 03:03:07
PsychoPsycho Excellent Wade... !!
+2 June 14 2015 01:21:43 PsychoWade
Hey Psycho! Glad you like.
June 13 2015 02:04:35
onewholeftonewholeft Great stuff Wade
+2 June 14 2015 01:21:09 onewholeftWade
Thanks Lairdy. Will be coming back to Australia in a few weeks...Wish you lived closer.
June 13 2015 01:56:44
abuitremoremabuitremorem love it smile.gif
+2 June 14 2015 01:20:27 abuitremoremWade
Thanks for the listen and comment. Much appreciated.

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