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Been awhile since I jammed with my buddy Mish... so here we go...


Whatever happens
always remember
I wont say goodbye
because I know
our paths will cross again
I promise to kiss you
in the rain as we dance
Whatever happens
always remember
I wont say goodbye
I will love you
until forevermore
I promise to
keep you worm
I still want to spend
all the beautiful days with you
and every next day after that
I promise
What ever happens
always remember
I wont say goodbye
I promise to kiss you
in the rain as we dance
I will love you
until forevermore


June 17 2015 18:18:42
abuitremoremabuitremorem great Psycho smile.gif
+1 June 17 2015 19:24:17 abuitremoremPsycho
Thank you abu, these songs are good for the soul smile.gif
June 17 2015 09:41:56
AKchenAKchen great add to this lovely song smile.gif
+1 June 17 2015 19:23:06 AKchenPsycho
Thank you ak... I guess the adds keep the songs in others thoughts longer smile.gif
June 17 2015 07:26:42
MarianneMarianne Sweet love song, Mish, and such a wondrous add by Psycho...beautiful all round! smile.gif smile.gif
+1 June 17 2015 19:20:25 MariannePsycho
Thanks Marianne, yeah Mish did great here. As soon as I heard it I had some ideas smile.gif
June 17 2015 07:05:03
frankyguitarfrankyguitar What a very nice song from Mish, Love the lyrics, the vocal anyway ‼️‼️ Great add Psy, fits great here, Love it👍👍‼️‼️
+1 June 17 2015 19:18:18 frankyguitarPsycho
Yes, very good song by Mish! Thanks for the comment franky smile.gif
June 17 2015 04:42:30
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler very goodsmile.gif
+1 June 17 2015 19:17:01 Lenny CowlerPsycho
Thank you Lenny !!
June 17 2015 01:45:04
KeitonKeiton Great solo smile.gif
+1 June 17 2015 03:09:45 KeitonPsycho
Thanks Kei smile.gif
June 17 2015 00:32:28
LieschingLiesching Nice treat, Psy! smile.gif
+1 June 17 2015 03:10:16 LieschingPsycho
Thanks Marc !!
June 16 2015 22:52:17
titititi Big depth really !
+1 June 16 2015 23:00:32 titiPsycho
Thanks, titi... took some time with this smile.gif
June 16 2015 23:31:52 titititi
It is always necessary to grow, it is endless smile.gif
June 16 2015 23:37:38 titiPsycho
Oh, no doubt about that smile.gif
June 16 2015 23:39:39 titititi
Labour of the musician...
June 16 2015 22:44:05
ivaxivax sentiment in his guitar, for this beautiful song by Mish
+1 June 16 2015 22:48:27 ivaxPsycho
Thanks ivax... kid gloves on this one because it is such a great song !!
June 16 2015 22:35:09
MishteriaMishteria Oooo so nice guitar add!! Thank you dear Psycho, love it!smile.gif
+1 June 16 2015 22:41:07 MishteriaPsycho
Thanks Mish, I did everything in my power to keep your vocal in tact and follow the comp. I think it came out ok smile.gif
June 16 2015 22:43:54 MishteriaPsycho
The HD is the guitar if you want to remix it?
Sounds like: [ Ballad ]
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