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I'll confess, I did this one last today. I was hot, sweaty and knackered. Lovely.

So I've jammed it through. I'd love to have picked out all the little phrasing intricacies available to me in Tof's fabulous riff but I just plain ran out of steam. Although I was really sweating after finishing recording it!

So this is a wee bit warts-n-all.

Thanks Tof for a great template though. I hope it's OK.


HD download has no reverb on it.


April 08 2016 03:50:04
nuno1959nuno1959 Am i glad Haddock added to this ! Fine drumming Martin, love it ..
This song is just superb & Haddock's add just blows it through the roof !!

March 27 2016 20:55:55
haddockhaddock Cooool!! I think I have to add my bass to this smile.gif
+2 March 27 2016 21:57:57 haddockmpointon
Look forward to it! smile.gif
December 23 2015 20:29:06
MalCoMalCo seriously good
June 21 2015 21:42:37
MarceysMarceys wow! very cool!
June 18 2015 12:35:56
R1772R1772 This is great, Tofze and mpointon. Big fat guitars and suitable power drums.
June 18 2015 05:26:22
WikimarkWikimark Love the beat it's very syncopated and perfect timing smile.gif You have great playing talent keep them coming
June 18 2015 05:00:33
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler perfectsmile.gif
June 18 2015 01:44:42
DickDick is that Mr Flibbedydiddl Flanders on the qiddley-Diddley-Drums? not?
good job mate, just a bit flaky ending - hehe, i would have just cut the starts riff there once more (guess i've been editing too much lately) Grin

+1 June 18 2015 01:49:40 Dickmpointon
Agreed, Dick! Ending is not in the right place and the whole bit from around 1:40 to 2:12 I'd love to do properly!
June 18 2015 00:43:14
ivaxivax Fantastic MP
June 18 2015 00:33:53
barkndogbarkndog Winner winner chicken dinner. Great groove and really like all your little fills and accents even if off the cuff.
Sounds like: [ Martin Pointon ]

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