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Here ya go Piper..Cody..This just brings a smile to my face. No I don't do vocals, and I make up the words as I go..and it sounds like it :0..Just havin some fun time..Might be kinda cool to get some back up vocals...But certainly not worthy. Thanks Cody for the fun


May 28 2016 02:08:58
GemmyFGemmyF love it! it is a recording!
January 21 2016 23:11:14
JeebsieJeebsie Cool job heresmile.gif
January 05 2016 19:00:26
serioussseriouss smile.gif
June 23 2015 07:44:26
RobMRobM HAHahah, this is brilliant !
Fantastic Fishin ... love it !!

June 23 2015 00:26:31
WadeWade Do I hear a real life story here?
+1 June 23 2015 04:27:39 WadeFishinmissio
Yeah..I think I could ad 15 more verses smile.gif
June 22 2015 22:48:24
jamladyjamlady jaaa Supercool!more of it Fishi !!Perfect to Cody's Tamplate!
June 21 2015 20:21:06
pklieschpkliesch Supercool! smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif
June 21 2015 20:15:26
jmrukkersjmrukkers Wink
June 21 2015 18:20:31
BalfoBalfo Is it you Fishi, I love it!
+2 June 21 2015 20:12:01 BalfoFishinmissio
Yeah..just got home from dinner..not good to play sax after eating..but I can make a feeble attempt at some vocals and have some fun smile.gif
June 21 2015 17:09:11
ivaxivax you friend Fish, never ceases to amaze me pleasantly, this is great
+1 June 21 2015 20:14:42 ivaxFishinmissio
Hey..I aint so good on the sax, and I aint so good as a vocalist..but I try to have a little bit of fun smile.gif

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