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Not perfect on my part but it felt good


June 21 2015 02:52:15
PsychoPsycho Came out very nice man !!
+1 June 21 2015 03:33:56 PsychoKMstar
Different but fun all the same, thanks man!
June 21 2015 02:40:44
cody trippcody tripp So COOL !! Love how low the bass is.
+2 June 21 2015 02:43:52 cody trippGirard
The singularity has been split in two!
June 21 2015 04:07:08 cody trippKMstar
I have been working on tone for weeks and still am not happy smile.gif
June 21 2015 02:32:24
GirardGirard It isn't about perfection, otherwise electronic music would be the only music around. We are your safety net. We will never hurt you after you share! Only the positives. No fear of humiliation or anything. That's how we roll right? Keep uploading, and I know you are a power bass guy so you stepped out of the comfort zone here... You succeeded. You played the bass on this. If you want to do it again you will, and if you don't you don't. Either way you will get better and better like everyone here is!

Win win

June 21 2015 02:26:08
GirardGirard If it contains only 1 good moment, we need to hear it.

This has more than one.

+1 June 21 2015 02:29:58 GirardKMstar
I thank you, this was a fun attempt at a style outside my normal

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  9. Something resembling bass

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  11. Southern Licks

    cody trippcschlote
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