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Yesterday some elves invited me to a guitarparty in middleearth. As I came back, I had this mp3-track on my pen drive. Bass, drums, all sorts of adds are welcome, they said. :)


August 01 2016 22:05:04
francisco alfrancisco al muito legal
November 04 2015 00:28:49
MidoruMidoru This is wonderful - I like elves smile.gif
+1 November 04 2015 00:33:03 Midorupkliesch
Thank you so much smile.gif
July 09 2015 19:01:20
This is a wonderful piece, you are so emotionally articulate and intense in your music - wonderfully gifted!
I hope you don't mind my experimental drum add.
Best Peter

July 08 2015 16:18:11
heliandrosheliandros linda lindale raen
ye casar yalta
Und er lasset elbisch singen (unterstellend, dass dieser wunderschöne vokale Zauber nicht seinem Munde in direkter Weise entsprungen ward).
Meinen Dank, Sire, Ihr belebtet mein Herz auf das Wundersamste!

+0 July 08 2015 16:59:49 heliandrospkliesch
Er danket ihm auf herzliche Art. Nein, nicht auf direkte Weise und auch nicht auf indirekte entstammt es seinem munde. Er muß gestehen, dass es sich um einen gar schnöden Sampleplayer handelt smile.gif
July 08 2015 17:07:37 heliandrosheliandros
Haltet ihr mich, mein Sire, nicht für der Neugier obheim gefallen. Dennoch dräugt mein Herz zu erfahren, wie Ihr in des reichen Schatzes elbischer Wortgewandtheit kamet. Seiet Ihr wohlselbst ein Kundiger des wohlgeschätzten Wortgewandten J.R.R.?
July 08 2015 17:11:07 heliandrospkliesch
Ihm ist, als handle sich nur um Pseudo-elbisch, dass ihm zu verwenden deucht. Es dürft sich viel eher um bulgarisch handeln, wie ihm scheint (steht jedenfalls so auf der Packung des Softwaresamplers) smile.gif smile.gif
July 08 2015 17:22:45 heliandrosheliandros
Wisset, geliebter Freund, des wackeren Recken, dessen Ohr Euere musikalische Kunst umschmeichelt, Ihr seiet gepriesen ob Eurer wohltuender Fähigkeit, Schnödes und Wunderbares in herzbetörenden Einklang zu schmieden.
July 09 2015 00:07:48 heliandrospkliesch
June 23 2015 18:14:00
akethesnakerakethesnaker Super Relaxing! They sing better than me!Grin
+0 June 23 2015 18:31:16 akethesnakerpkliesch
I would say: they sing in a different way smile.gif
Thank you, ake!
June 23 2015 00:40:39
WadeWade This is just so lovely...and so different to most of what we hear here. Big thumb for originality and fine production.
+0 June 23 2015 18:05:38 Wadepkliesch
Thanks, Wade! smile.gif
June 22 2015 19:52:37
PaulBOwensPaulBOwens Brilliant - I love the production Patrick...the vocal and composition is magical! I don't know how you do this stuff but please keep creating my friend.
+1 June 22 2015 23:49:09 PaulBOwenspkliesch
You are to kind, Paul. Thank you, mate. smile.gif
June 22 2015 03:59:02
MarianneMarianne Oh, those elves have fallen in love with you, I say! And no surprise, I'm in love with THIS sound, Patrick! smile.gif
+1 June 22 2015 06:36:11 Mariannepkliesch
Thank you so much, dear Marianne smile.gif
June 22 2015 00:58:45
OliVBeeOliVBee great guitars ! very nice sound and recording smile.gif ... good choice in the voice samples
+1 June 22 2015 06:35:24 OliVBeepkliesch
Compliments from the master of mixing and guitarplay. Thank you so much, OliV smile.gif
June 21 2015 23:14:14
AcousticegAcousticeg Very relaxing and beautiful voices. Next time you go can I go along. lol
+1 June 22 2015 00:14:30 Acousticegpkliesch
You can. For elves outstanding guitarplayers as you are, are always welcomesmile.gif
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