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This was a cool tune by Willis. Do NOT expect the norm from me on this one... This is an audible journey through a night terror. It's more of a horror movie soundtrack but that is what Wikiloops is for, right? Experimentation? Well, I experimented. It's' weird and off-putting...and totally what I go through when I have a nightmare. Look at it as a short odyssey through the consciousness of a human experiencing the horrors of sleep paralysis...or a really creepy soundscape. Hahaha! Please, add ANYTHING to this. Let's see how much weirder it can get! show lyrics


August 20 2016 09:50:26
JDFJDF I felt like I was right there...again. Very intense.
June 26 2016 21:30:27
Major 3rdMajor 3rd awesome! fine work here totally captured how sleep paralysis feels...I too have had it all my life to this day...;o) perfect
February 13 2016 20:43:02
guitarfan13guitarfan13 dig it
January 19 2016 04:24:30
TrebleClifTrebleClif Wicked cool!
January 01 2016 21:15:27
frenziefrenzie Scary stuff, when is the movie due to premiere? Very cool soundtrack!
September 25 2015 16:26:51
blumartiniblumartini that was pretty cool... somehow I thought Meat Loaf was going to kick in with a six minute epic about nightmares after your intro. Wink
+1 September 25 2015 17:46:58 blumartiniKellsBells
Hahaha. That would have been pretty epic!
August 29 2015 06:56:18
MidoruMidoru Oh my - what a creative talent you have!
+1 August 29 2015 14:27:16 MidoruKellsBells
Thank you! I wanted to try something much darker and ominous. smile.gif
August 04 2015 12:27:53
RelativityRelativity Night Terror? This sounds like my everyday wake life.
July 28 2015 00:30:42
WHITEPONGOWHITEPONGO Wow !!! I'm really not sure what just happened, but that was cool !!!
July 22 2015 11:34:58
pauluspaulus sooky smile.gif
+1 July 22 2015 18:19:07 paulusKellsBells
Sometimes I get spooky. Wink Grin
Sounds like: [ horror ] [ nightmare ] [ creepy ] [ soundscape ]

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