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A very moody track. The last one Nuno and I played together...a sad goodbye to leave a good friend and move on.


August 01 2015 05:25:31
francisco alfrancisco al muito bom trabalho
July 31 2015 17:37:50
sheltonshelton excellent smile.gif
+1 July 31 2015 23:30:05 sheltonWade
So glad you like this one and have taken time to listen to a few other tracks. Thanks.
August 02 2015 06:59:29 sheltonshelton
Hey Wayde I really liked the live thing you were doin with the guitar two really meshed like one instrument!smile.gif
July 30 2015 05:49:08
aleonzaleonz Bittersweet...your sax beautifully squeezing the heart!
+1 July 31 2015 01:28:41 aleonzWade
Thanks Alice. As you probably know this was a single take live jam. It brings out the best in my playing. I love being "in the moment" with another musician, especially like Nuno who is very sensitive. Maybe if you make it down to New Zealand or Australia we can do something together live...or when I come to Indonesia?
July 31 2015 07:39:47 aleonzaleonz
oh Wade, I know exactly how you feel...I have share a few meet up moments and play in live performance with some of my online collaboration friends, It's a very unforgettable experience, and also very emotional...I (always) cry like a baby when i have to let the moment go, and the farewell become so emotional, but then our musical relation with them also become more and growing like a family.

btw 2 of my collaborations friends are from Australia , and I have another friends that I plan to meet, and now I also have I believe one day we surely can meet and share the musical moments , I always believe that. because at the first time I do this jamming and collaboration stuff, I thought it will only stay as an internet things, but after all what happened...I come to believe...there is nothing impossible in music will bring some some magic and it will bring us somewhere.
July 31 2015 23:28:13 aleonzWade
Sounds like we are in the first stages of arranging a jam in the indefinite future...I'm looking forward to it!
June 27 2015 00:07:01
ivaxivax really you and nuno had time to enjoy their instruments, this sounds fantastic Wade
+1 June 27 2015 02:08:33 ivaxWade
Thanks Xavi. Yes we had a long enough time to get used to playing together...but I'm just following Nuno's excellent compositional ideas. He deserves the credit for these. I just jam along.
June 26 2015 22:22:35
freufreu Just like the Pied Piper
Led rats through the streets

+1 June 26 2015 23:41:06 freuWade
Thanks freu. Didn't think of it that way, but like the idea...sweetly destructive and vengeful?
June 25 2015 23:09:11
Pit BrettPit Brett ooh, the last Sad Enjoyed all your live jams smile.gif
+1 June 26 2015 23:39:44 Pit BrettWade
Thanks Pit. Will be back with more live jams when I can find someone else to play with. It's what I love to do.
June 24 2015 22:58:57
earlstevenearlsteven i am always happy hering you wade,always inpressed,thx
+1 June 25 2015 00:56:32 earlstevenWade
Very kind of you to give a listen and comment. Was a treat for me to meet up with other players on this journey and do some live jamming.
June 23 2015 18:05:02
pklieschpkliesch Very nice production! smile.gif
+1 June 23 2015 22:53:32 pklieschWade
Thanks pkliesch. Not much to this sort of production. Live with Nuno plugged in and I'm on a microphone. No chance of editing with the bleed in my's as it happened.
June 23 2015 23:53:33 pklieschpkliesch
It's right, as it happened! smile.gif
June 23 2015 13:45:00
onewholeftonewholeft Was very relaxing while sitting here on the lounge with my little dog Fletcher munching on some Twisties and salted nuts !
+1 June 23 2015 22:52:09 onewholeftWade
Thanks Lairdy. Will be in the land of "twisties" in two days. Too bad you're so far away from FNQ.
June 23 2015 10:24:15
ROBJOLROBJOL Nicely played indeed.
+1 June 23 2015 22:51:11 ROBJOLWade
Thanks Rob...the live jam factor can be difficult, or good depending on where you're at.

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