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Added drums to Wikimark's outstanding template - may not be exactly what was in mind -but hope its ok anyway


June 25 2015 20:16:49
akethesnakerakethesnaker You`re a master drummer!smile.gif
+1 June 25 2015 20:27:13 akethesnakerPJE
Thank you thats too kind Ake - i'm working on it
June 24 2015 18:59:42
mpointonmpointon This is great. You played exactly what was needed, cleanly and precisely - your job! I wish I had this self-restraint. If I was to grumble, you *could* be higher in the mix.
+1 June 24 2015 19:03:06 mpointonPJE
Thanks and really appreciate your thoughts - I could do with your sound & mixing expertise - clearly you get it spot on with your adds
June 24 2015 19:04:41 mpointonmpointon
My adds are through feedback from the loops. Many complained I was too quiet and I push myself forward to levels I think are too far forward but nobody's complained since!
June 24 2015 19:09:09 mpointonPJE
You always come over fantastic on playback - so I guess its all down to experimenting cheers
June 24 2015 15:53:44
PJEPJE Thats a real compliment from you Lenny - appreciate you saying so colleague Best Peter
June 24 2015 15:50:42
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler super colleaguesmile.gif
June 23 2015 21:42:26
WikimarkWikimark Great Addition to the track Glad You Shared smile.gif
+1 June 24 2015 15:05:40 WikimarkPJE
Thanks WM its a great track
June 23 2015 20:34:09
GirardGirard And..great title.

Transjoined. Nice.

June 23 2015 20:31:44
PJEPJE you are so fast thanks for that Girard - means a lot from you
+1 June 23 2015 20:32:50 PJEGirard
I'm very fast lol

Learned it by arguing with people in AOL messenger years and years ago lol
June 23 2015 20:31:05
GirardGirard The hi hat does wonders for me, I can see the hit hat robotically just going up and down on it's own..

THat is sick... Know what I mean? That trance where you just do it without thinking

+1 June 23 2015 20:33:21 GirardPJE
so kind - Cmon Girard - waiting for another one of your inspired adds
June 23 2015 22:12:28 GirardGirard
OH it's coming. Don't worry!..Gotta be tonight. You'll hear it tomorrow morning your time.
June 23 2015 20:30:13
GirardGirard Perfect to my ears.. Grooving along with the right sounds
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