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Phew, you should have seen me do the second part of the solo, I was pulling faces like some guitar hero. Enjoyed it, too :)
Wonderful song by Anne and Buran!! I kept it quiet at the beginning, and towards the middle I gave it as much as I could...I guess the air conditioning noise is not a problem anymore :)
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June 28 2015 13:55:46
Buran70Buran70 Sorry I missed this wonderful add... killer 'crying' guitar!
+1 June 28 2015 14:00:49 Buran70TG_Strat
Thanks smile.gif you and Anne did a great song!
June 28 2015 03:20:23
akethesnakerakethesnaker Nice crying guitar!smile.gif
June 28 2015 02:07:34
ivaxivax your TG guitar crying, the strength of Anne and the romanticism of Buran, great theme
June 27 2015 23:44:29
PsychoPsycho One of my favorite TG tracks to date... great job man !!
+2 June 27 2015 23:50:16 PsychoTG_Strat
Thanks man smile.gif
June 27 2015 23:02:53
woXeywoXey Brilliant Performance EVERYONE!.. great track alltoghether..!
June 27 2015 22:47:42
AnneCozeanAnneCozean very fine intro, TG. i like your touch! i swear i felt your pain during your solo spots. smile.gif glorious bent notes! glad this called to you, TG - (tho i am dying of embarrassment hearing how loud i mixed myself). wowzer of a finish from you! thanks so much. smile.gif
+2 June 27 2015 22:59:45 AnneCozeanTG_Strat
Thanks Anne smile.gif On the contrary, I think you mixed it just right, your voice should be on top - I've listened to it all afternoon while working on the track and it is special!
June 27 2015 22:02:50
AKchenAKchen great add to this awesome song smile.gif
June 27 2015 21:52:59
GirardGirard yeah great playing, great tone man
June 27 2015 21:51:59
GirardGirard I want a video next time!!!! MUSIC FACE SHARING!!
+1 June 27 2015 21:55:54 GirardTG_Strat
Speak to Dick, maybe he'll arrange a vide clip upload...
June 27 2015 22:00:29 GirardGirard
Youtube for now!
June 27 2015 22:50:15 GirardAnneCozean
can't you just re-enact your guitar hero facial distortions and take a photo? i wanna SEE your pain as well as feel it. smile.gif
Sounds like: [ wah wah ] [ ballad ] [ crying guitar ]
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