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remix step 3 remix step 3
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Add vocal to replace my guitar add previously some B3 please


July 27 2015 19:03:38
ivaxivax Fantastic Davnel
July 04 2015 05:14:45
francisco alfrancisco al ótimo vocal
July 03 2015 00:39:49
wiseshankswiseshanks How'd I miss this?! Great!
+1 July 03 2015 01:08:18 wiseshanksDavnel99
Well U started it. A cool old fashioned blues tune, the more I hear, the more I think of old Savoy Brown from the 70's - pre Foghat
July 02 2015 23:06:04
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Dave, I Love it!! So fantastic! Monsterthumb
+1 July 03 2015 00:06:32 frankyguitarDavnel99
You are way too kind sir, but I's do appreciate. smile.gif
July 02 2015 23:04:08
piperpiper You go boy!!! Work it!!! Grin Grin
+1 July 03 2015 00:05:23 piperDavnel99
Thank U Ms Piper smile.gif
July 02 2015 22:00:38
TG_StratTG_Strat Dave, can you send me the vocal track in high quality by email, I think I need to do play with the mix.
+0 July 02 2015 22:05:13 TG_StratDavnel99
Well I sure would -but I never figured out yet how to make the tracks I add to be a seperate file??
July 02 2015 22:07:24 TG_StratTG_Strat
Well, send it to me by email. Next time when you upload your file, there is a separate box where you can upload the HD quality file. So before uploading you prepare two files.
July 02 2015 22:08:01 TG_StratDavnel99
I'm a plug and play guy - not a sound guy - I'm learning each day how to get the mixes - but still have a long way to go
July 02 2015 22:09:42 TG_StratTG_Strat
No problem, you learn as you go along...I have learned a lot in the last year since I started using Audacity software how to work it...
July 03 2015 00:09:50 TG_StratDavnel99
I hear U TG. The box I'm using also comes with prosonus software, I havent even looked at, working with Audacity 2. HOw do u make the track u add a seperate file from the original?
July 03 2015 00:29:19 TG_StratTG_Strat
Basically you just silence all the tracks other than the vocals, or you put the vocals on solo, and then generate another file. The Trick is to use a high quality setting for the single track (save as, then go to options).
July 02 2015 21:59:08
TG_StratTG_Strat woooohoooo!!! Yeah!!!
July 02 2015 21:47:22
GuadañaGuadaña Cool add mate!!! Grin
+1 July 02 2015 21:52:59 GuadañaDavnel99
Thank U sir.
Sounds like: [ Blues ]
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