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This is a tribute to Mr. Link Wray, who "invented the power chord, the major modus operandi of modern rock guitarist," "and in doing so fathering," or making possible, "punk and heavy rock".

Yeah, one of THE superheroes of rock'n roll is the inspiration for this track. I hope I made it dirty, sleazy and dangerous enough for him. I guess some of the older Wikiloopers know who this is ;)

Check him out on youtube, tracks like the Rumble, Jack the Ripper, Switchblade and many others are worth listening to.

This was a great template by the guys, too! Enjoy :)


July 25 2015 23:08:35
AnneCozeanAnneCozean ahhhhhhh - i am now enlightened!! smile.gif that went down the ear so easily. i compliment your mix, TG - all the parts and pieces are bringing out the best in each other. "filthy dirty" is one of my favorites - thanks for the turn on, Brother. that was Fun!
July 04 2015 21:18:12
pklieschpkliesch Cooler Tribute. Ohne powerchords hätten Leute wie ich überhaupt keine Chance halbwegs anständig zu klingen smile.gif. Sehr cooler Track, TG!
+1 July 04 2015 22:27:59 pklieschTG_Strat
Ja, der war schon cool. Leider kennen ihn wenige heute...
July 04 2015 19:12:47
AKchenAKchen WOW!! grossartig
+1 July 04 2015 22:28:26 AKchenTG_Strat
Danke Akchen smile.gif Kanntest du ihn schon vorher?
July 04 2015 14:40:21
ivaxivax fantastic TG,great sound,good idea
July 03 2015 23:01:24
tullicbrtullicbr Espetacular!
+1 July 03 2015 23:41:17 tullicbrTG_Strat
Thanks smile.gif
July 03 2015 20:06:39
KeitonKeiton You gave me a smile at soon, this is a 60s sound. Thank you very much smile.gif
+1 July 03 2015 20:09:45 KeitonTG_Strat
When I heard your track, it was perfect (!!) for a Link Wray tribute smile.gif
July 03 2015 20:14:55 KeitonKeiton
July 03 2015 19:49:31
Davnel99Davnel99 Cool 1 TG. Didn't think you were old enough to know this dude. smile.gif
+1 July 03 2015 19:53:44 Davnel99TG_Strat
Well, I know my music from the early blues period. I love his dirty sound, he was way ahead of his time.
July 03 2015 19:31:57
frankyguitarfrankyguitar TG, awesome !!! Love this one. Genius sound!! It reminds me a bit at the very great Tito and Tarantula!!! Niiiccceee !!!
+1 July 03 2015 19:47:40 frankyguitarTG_Strat
I don't know them, but will check them out. Check this out, this is where it comes from:
July 03 2015 19:57:50 frankyguitarfrankyguitar
Very cool stuff!!! I don't knew this, till now Like it !!!
July 03 2015 20:08:07 frankyguitarTG_Strat
Check out the Rumble, Jack the Ripper, Switchblade by Link.
July 03 2015 19:20:37
PsychoPsycho Wild sounds from TG's axe... cooooool !!
July 03 2015 19:12:58
jcgbass123jcgbass123 Crusty and razor sharp! I love the addition TG.
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