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OK, I added the bass that Paul re-recorded for me. In the previous mix Dave commented that the vocals were down on the high and mid range - so I tried some other filters and equalisers. Have a listen, please comment - you are more than welcome to be critical and honest as I am trying to learn how to operate the software. Thanks, TG


July 26 2015 08:26:01
francisco alfrancisco al muito legal
July 23 2015 13:02:13
LieschingLiesching Sauber abgemischt! smile.gif
July 13 2015 00:15:51
PaulBOwensPaulBOwens Great job TG....Thanks for the polish smile.gif
July 07 2015 17:52:47
Davnel99Davnel99 As with any song that has vibe that people like, it's the backbone, Danalyze45 on rhythm guitar, and Mpointon on drum and PaulOwens on Bass that holds it all together, and the creme de le creme to top it off with TG's crybaby pedal. thanks gentlemen for making my day.
+2 July 07 2015 17:59:17 Davnel99TG_Strat
So you are happy with the sound of the vocals now?
July 07 2015 19:27:09 Davnel99Davnel99
R U kiddin' I was happy B4 - it just got better smile.gif
July 07 2015 20:45:23 Davnel99frankyguitar
Very modest!! :-)))
July 07 2015 23:40:02 Davnel99TG_Strat
Well, if you hadn't said about the high end, I would not have worked on it more, so I always appreciate remarks and critique smile.gif
July 08 2015 00:17:20 Davnel99Davnel99
I'd like some info on what u did - did u make all adjustments in Audacity or in addition to other software?
July 08 2015 00:25:09 Davnel99TG_Strat
No I used Cubase which is a bit more advanced than Audacity, although you can do most of the things in Audacity. For a start I had to re-generate my original track that you used to record so it had exactly the same volume level than yours. After that I used "phase revere" on that track, so that leaves the vocals. Because I was using these MP3's instead of high quality T´tracks there was still some of the instruments heard in the background, and some hissing from the high frequencies of the drums. After that I used 4 different filters and equalisers to make the voice sound bigger, and the last bit was mixing this track with all the original drums and my guitar track...
July 08 2015 00:35:05 Davnel99Davnel99
hmmm sound kinda complicated. can you drop by my place a little later, I'll fix u a mean burger and tasty brew to go with it. smile.gif
July 08 2015 00:42:32 Davnel99TG_Strat
I wish I could... smile.gif
July 13 2015 00:20:18 Davnel99PaulBOwens
Dave you are a modest guy my friend! me, your soulful vocal is a joy
July 13 2015 00:30:02 Davnel99Davnel99
Thank U Paul. You can't imagine how being able to play with such accomplished and inventive musicians turns me to new thoughts and directions I have never gone before. People like U.
July 07 2015 14:36:49
mpointonmpointon This is superb from everyone involved. Brilliant stem.
+2 July 07 2015 14:39:35 mpointonTG_Strat
See what a good drum base can do
July 07 2015 14:40:10 mpointonmpointon
It always amazes me how just a drum line can become something so brilliant.
July 07 2015 14:34:10
onewholeftonewholeft Very nice all
July 07 2015 08:31:42
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Ja...... Crybaby
July 07 2015 07:19:49
frankyguitarfrankyguitar For me it is very good, but I am biased! I Love this one so much!!!!! Gose bumps und pippi inne augen!!
+2 July 07 2015 08:13:19 frankyguitarTG_Strat
pippi inne augen Grin Grin
You crybaby!!!
July 07 2015 01:39:58
PsychoPsycho Appears very good to me !!
July 07 2015 01:01:28
ivaxivax Good remix TG,I like this song
Sounds like: [ wah wah ] [ blues ]

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