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Straightforward power ballad drums on this one. Seemed to work although the playing could be neater on my part. I was going to do it again but, having sat on it for 24 hours, decided it's not too bad.

I asked Dan about an anomaly in this tune, specifically at 4 minutes (or 72 bars in). The click in Reaper suddenly went out of time. After much counting I found that, by setting up a bar of 13/16 at bar 72, the problem went away. Yes, 13/16! It turns out from Dan that the end section is a separate take and hasn't quite been inserted in the correct position! I couldn't edit Dan's take as nothing would line up after me so did my best - the tom build is the bar in question. Four beats of semiquavers on the toms then start the next bar on the 16th note after it! It sounds like a bad edit but I played it, honest!I think even Dream Theater would think that a bit extreme! ;)



November 17 2015 16:24:42
petebasspetebass Amazing!!!!! What a great track- so Dark!!
July 09 2015 20:11:56
Danalyze45Danalyze45 I love the drum addition. I apologize for the trick bag I put you in at 4:00...I really should have chose to add the second segment in "time" with the beat as opposed to adding in in time with the way the final chord was "swelling". Would have made a much smoother transition for the drums. does add to the moodiness the track has in some ways too smile.gif Many Thanks for your addition Martin. Perfect mix and love your drum sound.
+1 July 09 2015 22:20:26 Danalyze45mpointon
Thanks, Dan! It wasn't a huge issue other than I had to work it it in order to be able to come back in in the right place. Great template!
July 09 2015 00:50:55
PsychoPsycho Got that groove going M... good stuff !!
July 08 2015 21:30:11
ivaxivax Very good Mp
July 08 2015 14:10:47
akethesnakerakethesnaker Hahaha, a little bit odd around 4-4:03Grin Great!
July 08 2015 13:43:12
bendersonbenderson 13/16 is very extreme time signature Grin

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