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I was with the accoustic trying another template but when I've seen a new upload from Richy... IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD while listening !
Put in the DAW, the previous guitar settings nice...
feeling power: on
one take, one breath, a jam !
I'm so happy to play on his stuff again... ! then I should be one of the first to say
Merci Richy !


July 30 2015 22:39:42
ivaxivax Great game to do in this Tofz, I love
July 19 2015 18:59:30
PJEPJE Supreme guitar - Tofzegrit - just floats me away to a better place - thank you smile.gif
+1 July 19 2015 19:45:07 PJETofzegrit
Merci Peter, I'm proud of that if you feel like this 🎶
July 16 2015 19:04:54
LieschingLiesching You created a fantastic vibe, Christoph! Put it on "to do" smile.gif Tres tres bien!
+1 July 19 2015 19:43:04 LieschingTofzegrit
You are a lucky guy! You have a "to do" list while I have a "to do asap when the to do done" smile.gif
Merci Marc 🎶🎶
July 14 2015 15:14:40
alexjalexj I must have jammed along to this 20 times by now..I'll hit record when I remember!
+1 July 14 2015 15:38:50 alexjTofzegrit
Oh!...May I have ...One? pleasesmile.gif
July 14 2015 00:54:07
ivaxivax This is a wonder, never heard I had to Richi, great job
July 13 2015 12:12:25
mpointonmpointon Very, very cool playing, Tof! Taste, restraint, tone. All there. Right on the money! smile.gif
July 13 2015 08:58:57
MarceysMarceys this is so great Tof! Just right on this rhodes!
+1 July 13 2015 11:26:14 MarceysTofzegrit
The Rhodes sounds so great. Merci Marc
July 13 2015 02:18:08
aleonzaleonz this track a very killer ingredients Richy + Tof = coolness
+1 July 13 2015 04:36:01 aleonzTofzegrit
Terima Kasih Alice.
As I wrote previously, I have some busy work with your 2 songs before. Then Richy offering me a kind of "free time"... Fresh.
July 12 2015 23:37:05
RobMRobM Beautiful playing Tof smile.gif
+1 July 13 2015 04:28:35 RobMTofzegrit
Hey Rob ! I play acoustic smile.gif
Merci and I m sure you would want try something on this template from Richy.
July 12 2015 22:27:31
RichyHRichyH Hey Tofzegrit! Very tasty playing - thank you.
+1 July 13 2015 04:24:04 RichyHTofzegrit
Merci I'm yours Richy! You share a very nice music and it's a real pleasure to play with!
Sounds like: [ RichyH ]

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