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Make sure you check out version #45254 (a numerical palindrome by the way ;) ) with PJE on drums and Girard on bass and myself on vox. ;) I also wanted to add just the vox to the original template too so that it was open for everyone to play on and add to...and I might even come back and put some violin on this...I'm a bit rusty we will see. A big thank you to Girard for thinking of me and getting me involved in this one. And a great job by Kyle for a great template. show lyrics


September 11 2015 16:09:17
NeronickNeronick Great track
+1 September 11 2015 17:54:14 NeronickKellsBells
Thank you so much! smile.gif
September 08 2015 15:18:42
heliandrosheliandros your voice express so much emotion, love it, Kelly
+1 September 08 2015 16:47:52 heliandrosKellsBells
Thank you my Dear Andreas! smile.gif
July 22 2015 11:32:24
pauluspaulus Awesome!
July 20 2015 23:24:12
Davnel99Davnel99 Nice work KB smile.gif
+1 July 20 2015 23:24:55 Davnel99KellsBells
Thank you so much Davnel!
July 20 2015 03:55:02
Danalyze45Danalyze45 Great to see and hear another fine track Kells...awesome lyrics, great harmonies, great delivery and a perfect track for these vox smile.gif
+1 July 20 2015 16:37:11 Danalyze45KellsBells
Thank you so much Dan! Thank you for listening and for your support and kind words! smile.gif
July 19 2015 09:07:57
HaffastHaffast Beautiful! The minimal tracks in this really maximize their impact. Deep, thoughtful lyrics, gorgeous voice! Love it! smile.gif
July 19 2015 06:38:41
Herman420Herman420 This is just awesome! Thanks Wikimark!!!!!!
July 18 2015 20:41:35
GirardGirard Awesome. You have never disappointed with your singing
July 18 2015 05:29:53
Herman420Herman420 Very deep and emotional! I truly like this!
+1 July 18 2015 06:22:01 Herman420KellsBells
Thank you Herman! smile.gif I've yet to do a happy song here. Lol
July 18 2015 20:41:02 Herman420Girard
You and Herman would make a good duo.
July 19 2015 06:38:08 Herman420Herman420
That would be fun!
July 17 2015 23:02:54
TofzegritTofzegrit Ah at least ! I missed you Kelly
Your voice is so full of feeling and emotions, that's make your KellsBellsTouch.
Now Funky ? smile.gif

+1 July 17 2015 23:08:17 TofzegritKellsBells
I have been too busy chasing my dancing pants around to record lately. Wink Thank you for the lovely compliment. I missed singing!

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