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First I'll mention that the HD file is not the guitar solo, but the backing track for others who may wish to use it.

I don't know who wrote this or where this backing track came from, but it's all over the internet and it is public domain. I did a search to see if it is already here at wikiloops but had no luck.

I was concerned about uploading it because it's not my creation, but did because the solo sorta covers that grey area. The BPM is 50. a slow blues piece.

It's The Gary Moore style... there are a few different ones out there, and I picked this one to play over. I included the backing track because I'm not sure this can handle additions, and I wanted to give something in return.


August 11 2015 00:20:26
KellyannewKellyannew Ahhhhhhhh! Psycho! You are really a force...! .........! Will return w some vocals
+1 August 11 2015 00:49:28 KellyannewPsycho
Thanks Kelly... vocals will be great on the HD track which is not mine to claim, but if you sing on it I will surely try to back you up smile.gif
August 04 2015 01:43:26
GirardGirard Cool
+1 August 11 2015 00:29:34 GirardPsycho
I missed another one, good grief.. thanks a ton G smile.gif
August 11 2015 00:45:18 GirardGirard
You're welcome
July 27 2015 21:35:25
UloisiusUloisius Great ;o)
+1 August 11 2015 00:29:06 UloisiusPsycho
Missed this, thank you Ulo smile.gif
July 21 2015 20:14:51
tullicbrtullicbr Great Psycho Moore 90 Wink
+1 July 24 2015 02:09:52 tullicbrPsycho
Thank you tull !!
July 21 2015 04:42:50
HaffastHaffast Love your track, love their track, and I LOVE that i can hear the Gary Moore in it! FANTASTIC job!!!!
+1 July 21 2015 15:30:08 HaffastPsycho
Thanks Haf, it's a good one to jam on smile.gif
July 21 2015 00:04:45
LieschingLiesching Awesome, Psy! Listening to this and be so glad to be back smile.gif
+1 July 21 2015 00:18:25 LieschingPsycho
Thank you Marc, I just heard your new track... we are all glad you are back smile.gif
July 20 2015 23:17:17
pklieschpkliesch Very cool and moorey bluestrack. Love it! smile.gif
+1 July 20 2015 23:44:03 pklieschPsycho
Thank you Pat... your comment means a lot smile.gif
July 20 2015 10:45:10
MarianneMarianne sure excelled here with your incredible guitar playing, Psycho! Straight to me playlist as a keeper! Love it! smile.gif
+1 July 20 2015 15:46:50 MariannePsycho
Thank you Marianne... my style seems to work on these smile.gif
July 20 2015 06:45:07
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Very good, Sounds so great!!!! smile.gif smile.gif
+1 July 20 2015 15:45:14 frankyguitarPsycho
Thank you franky, I love this stuff smile.gif
July 20 2015 18:32:35 frankyguitarfrankyguitar
Yes, I also! Still got the blues, I try to learn a bit ..... smile.gif
July 20 2015 05:57:19
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler supersmile.gif
+1 July 20 2015 15:44:46 Lenny CowlerPsycho
Thank you Lenny, I guess it's my kinda music. I flows easy smile.gif
Sounds like: [ blues ] [ gary moore style ]

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