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The great moment whom Anne is Hurzel makes for us shared is so pure that my presence would be of excess in this magnificent painting...
Their track tears me to me depths!
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October 12 2016 19:48:29
AnneCozeanAnneCozean another listen, another "wwwwaaaahhhhhhh!"
+1 October 12 2016 20:08:59 AnneCozeantiti
Merci beaucoup Madame smile.gif
October 03 2016 01:44:53
PsychoPsycho Glez sent me here to rave about this wonderful song and your magnificent harp alongside of it... I'm raving !! smile.gif
+1 October 03 2016 16:27:59 Psychotiti
Thank you so much Bruce Wink
November 19 2015 13:43:11
GlezBassGlezBass Very very nice song, and track harp titi. Thumbs!
+1 November 19 2015 16:18:40 GlezBasstiti
Thank you my friend smile.gifsmile.gif
July 28 2015 19:57:23
OliVBeeOliVBee very nice playing smile.gif
+1 July 31 2015 14:34:47 OliVBeetiti
Thank you Mister Beesmile.gif
July 27 2015 19:22:44
Pit BrettPit Brett so beautiful titi!!!
+1 July 27 2015 21:06:43 Pit Bretttiti
Thank you very much PB smile.gif
July 24 2015 00:56:49
heliandrosheliandros oh titi, what a wonderful sensitive add. You put your tears enchanted to tones accurately at the point. be sure of my tears too you three wizards
+2 July 24 2015 01:04:45 heliandrostiti
Thank you Heli '!
It is with enjoyment that the house is opened to you to cry Wink
Merci beaucoup.
July 24 2015 00:44:33
garymcmillgarymcmill Beautiful. Perfect add. 10 thumbs up!
+1 July 24 2015 01:02:49 garymcmilltiti
Thank you very much Gary, It is really kind smile.gif
July 23 2015 23:18:40
AnneCozeanAnneCozean very subtle and effective add, titi. 1:07 - OH, just kill me! your delicate harp is a lovely unobtrusive voice. 2:23 - wwwaaaahhhhh! the ending from you turned that wwaahhh into real tears. absolutely beautiful - thank you so much. smile.gif
+1 July 23 2015 23:23:32 AnneCozeantiti
I am going to make for you without shame a public confidence...
Anne tears flowed on my cheeks by working to bring this...
One thousand thank you Anne Wink
July 23 2015 23:26:25 AnneCozeanAnneCozean
then we are both crybabies in good company. smile.gif 2 thousand welcomes, T.
July 23 2015 23:33:41 AnneCozeantiti
No shame in it..
It is only the strength!
Thank you for your warm welcome at the mourners or I have my place Wink
Merci Madame Anne!
July 23 2015 22:54:07
hurzelhurzel superb!
+1 July 23 2015 23:00:31 hurzeltiti
Thank you very much Hurzel smile.gif
I let you rest the next days...Wink
I applied for my mix, mas of technical means me effective still miss me.
July 26 2015 13:20:11 hurzelhurzel
I just listened again and now I can really hear all the emotion you put into this. thanks for getting in so deep! smile.gif
July 26 2015 13:35:19 hurzeltiti
Thank you very much Hurzel!
My left ear belonged to you, my right ear for Anne, and my heart for us three...Wink
Thank you for avior taken time to deepen.
July 23 2015 21:40:10
aleonzaleonz a wonderful add for a fantastic song and gorgeous vocal from Ben & Anne ! well done Titi!
+1 July 23 2015 21:58:16 aleonztiti
Thank you very much Alice, my soft singer Wink
Sounds like: [ Jazz piano vocal harp ]

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