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This is dedicated to my little bro G :)
I read a post he posted talking with Rob about corn and strawberry stands.
Hope you enjoy :)
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August 04 2015 21:16:00
jamladyjamlady how wonderful!
+1 August 04 2015 21:59:41 jamladypiper
thank you Jamlady. smile.gif
July 27 2015 10:05:14
MarianneMarianne WOW...I'm sitting back absorbing these sweet haunting lyrics to ROBJOL's wonderful guitar playing, listening with absolute pleasure to you both! Your voice, piper, brings the song home! smile.gif
July 27 2015 04:24:25
ROBJOLROBJOL A smooth bass line and light drums would be appropriate. Let's hope...
July 25 2015 15:49:02
ROBJOLROBJOL Sweet, beautiful. That's all..
+1 July 25 2015 15:51:51 ROBJOLpiper
Thank you Rob smile.gif I hope you like it, it was a pleasure. smile.gif
July 25 2015 11:06:42
AKchenAKchen so fitting ... lovely
+1 July 25 2015 14:19:46 AKchenpiper
Thank Alkchen, very kind of you smile.gif
July 25 2015 09:43:40
CountryboyCountryboy You should definitely sing more! The boys melts like butter in sunshine of your voice! Beutifully smile.gif
+1 July 25 2015 14:20:40 Countryboypiper
Thank you so much CB, that is very kind of you to say. smile.gif
July 25 2015 08:47:49
RobMRobM Another beautiful pairing. I tend to agree with G's comments ... you have a very soothing vocal style and very enjoyable to listen to .. a great track Piper smile.gif
+1 July 25 2015 14:23:45 RobMpiper
Thank you Rob, I really appreciate and value your comments smile.gif
July 25 2015 08:04:53
PsychoPsycho smile.gif Why where you hiding this wonderful voice PIPER ??? You got more stuff hidden away too smile.gif
+1 July 25 2015 14:24:47 Psychopiper
Awww, thank you Psych smile.gif I'll never tell, he he Wink
July 25 2015 07:58:41
NeronickNeronick Well done add. Like your timbre. Maybe there are some tricks to reduce the psychoacoustic effect of the overdupping workflow
+1 July 25 2015 14:17:31 Neronickpiper
Any suggestions would be greatly helpful! Still learning the mixing. smile.gif
July 25 2015 15:21:44 NeronickGirard
Well done comment. Maybe there are some tricks I could give you to reduce the unfortunate effect of focusing on negatives, and making people feel bad about themselves.
July 25 2015 04:40:13
GirardGirard That is beautiful. I don't say that much. Just knowing it was made with our sibling non-rivalry in mind makes it so touching and real to me. Thank you for this sweet meaningful gift. I drive by these farms and corn/strawberry stands in real life all the time, and by you singing this it was sort of like riding out there with you smile.gif. Once we got there we just stood there making fun of the farming community, and how bad it smells, equally as fun as the ride.

Now, onto the performance. I think I have identified what it is about your voice that I have been trying to tell you about. I receive a STRONG vibe of nurturing and strength in your voice. I think your voice is comforting. That's what it is. It's comforting. It's like a lullaby effect. Some singers make the listener feel like they are in a loungy club, others make them feel like they are at a party, your voice makes me feel like i'm at home, comfortable. Content. Not worried about anything.

I guess I wouldn't listen to Robot Boy Glasses for comfort, but that's a different zone. You know what i've said for jams like that.


+1 July 25 2015 14:15:33 Girardpiper
Thank you G for the heart felt comment, I truly appreciate it, means so much to me that someone enjoys my work smile.gif
July 25 2015 14:16:02 Girardpiper
And not just someone a good friend smile.gif
July 25 2015 16:08:11 GirardGirard
Great smile.gif And i'm not the only one who truly enjoys your work smile.gif
July 27 2015 09:59:17 GirardMarianne
Not by any means! smile.gif
Sounds like: [ Piper ] [ Vocals ] [ country ]

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