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294 Fans | 32 Jams
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294 Fans | 32 Jams
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Czech Republic


Lenny Cowler
14158 Fans | 651 Jams

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Today I played this song half a day,I selected the best version,it is not exactly precise, but it´s jam:)


August 13 2015 00:12:18
ItocpogoItocpogo Fantastic Lenny! Love the rolls from snare to tom tom. Very creative use of rhythm beats to support the theme!
+0 August 13 2015 05:16:53 ItocpogoLenny Cowler
Thank you IPsmile.gif
August 07 2015 20:56:27
texassontexasson Epic! smile.gif
+0 August 08 2015 05:12:42 texassonLenny Cowler
thanks a lot Texassmile.gif
July 29 2015 13:04:47
mfwmilesmfwmiles great wide open prog and the panning of the drums is spectacular!
+0 July 29 2015 18:44:10 mfwmilesLenny Cowler
thank you Milessmile.gif
July 29 2015 00:34:39
WadeWade Difficult as it seems to have a six best feel that hangs on for eight beats. Fine breaks. A tough nut well cracked.
+0 July 29 2015 04:46:49 WadeLenny Cowler
thanks a lot brosmile.gif
July 28 2015 00:49:26
ivaxivax This is a wonder, Lenny
+0 July 28 2015 05:16:50 ivaxLenny Cowler
thank you Ivaxsmile.gif
July 27 2015 22:46:28
AKchenAKchen awesome fit
+0 July 28 2015 05:16:37 AKchenLenny Cowler
thanks a lot Akchensmile.gif
July 27 2015 08:07:07
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Amazing!! Lenny you kick it in the first division !!! Awesome drumwork for an awesome art work!! Grin
+0 July 27 2015 21:21:10 frankyguitarLenny Cowler
thanks a lot Franky,it is a great honor for mesmile.gif
July 27 2015 21:44:21 frankyguitarfrankyguitar
Lenny my friend, I'm only a beginner guitar player just for fun, you know what I mean? But I enjoyed music all my life and have spend a huge lot of time to hear and discuss with friends about music. One of my friends has a huge, incredible huge collection of LP and CD more then 15.000. And all what I know about music is only from my ear and our discussions. What I want to say is, it is for me an honor to play with you and all other proper musicians and since I been here, I have learn a lot. Thank You Lenny!!
July 27 2015 06:57:48
TofzegritTofzegrit Half of a day playing like 01:34 to 02:13
===> Shower time for my sweaty Lenny smile.gif
Well done Beat Time Machine

+0 July 27 2015 21:20:28 TofzegritLenny Cowler
thank you my friendsmile.gif
July 27 2015 06:46:50
GirardGirard One of the best jams ever. Snare! Ride cymbal! Double bass! Standing ovation.
+0 July 27 2015 21:19:49 GirardLenny Cowler
thanks a lot brosmile.gif
July 27 2015 06:45:04
GirardGirard The snare after 2:40
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