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A little ballad that I sing with my own language (Bahasa Indonesia).

Nestapa (Sorrow)
By: Aliceleonz
(lyrics in bahasa at the 1st comment)

Lyrics Translation

when my heart feel so down
The night walk slowly
through the pain
I can't feel anything
Only a prayer from
my soul that hold my feet

All by myself again.
I fell into this loneliness
There's no friend
If tomorrow I should wake
Please help me to go on
even if my flash and blood
feel so numb and bitter
I'm breathing through my sorrow

will there be any changes
For all my sadness
I can't no longer hide
I can't no longer run
only stay quietly
deep inside this wounded heart

How long should I wait
I have to live day by day
With no one on my side
To share this pain and sadness
only by myself


August 27 2015 14:12:05
MidoruMidoru Hauntingly Beautiful!
+1 August 27 2015 15:11:45 Midorualeonz
Thank you Midoru
July 29 2015 21:36:30
LutzLutz This is deep as it can only be when sung from the soul/spirit. Even without understanding the words. Thank you very much!
+2 July 30 2015 05:09:50 Lutzaleonz
you are very kind Lutz, that's means a lot for me smile.gif
July 29 2015 00:42:06
WadeWade So good of you to enrich us with this taste of your language and culture. Beautifully produced showing how a sparse arrangement can convey as much or more than one stuffed full of instruments.
+1 July 29 2015 03:23:18 Wadealeonz
Thank you very much Wade
July 27 2015 22:47:31
abuitremoremabuitremorem beautiful
+1 July 28 2015 11:39:01 abuitremoremaleonz
Thank you Ab!
July 27 2015 22:47:17
AKchenAKchen I love it smile.gif
+1 July 28 2015 11:38:30 AKchenaleonz
Thank you Akchen!
July 27 2015 10:59:02
LieschingLiesching Have no words for this... So beautiful.
+1 July 27 2015 16:27:41 Lieschingaleonz
Thank you very much Marc!
July 27 2015 07:16:50
RobMRobM Mengagumkan emosional. Lagu indah Alice
+1 July 27 2015 16:27:26 RobMaleonz
terima kasih Rob!, that's a very sweet of you smile.gif
July 27 2015 06:41:28
kimbokimbo beutifull!
+1 July 27 2015 16:26:38 kimboaleonz
Thank you Kimbo!
July 27 2015 00:56:58
PJEPJE This is so hypnotising & enchanting - like Ulo I would love to know the words Alice smile.gif
+2 July 27 2015 04:30:54 PJEaleonz
Thank you PJ, the bahasa lyrics is on the 1st comment, but I also write down the translation in above smile.gif thank you
July 30 2015 15:41:54 PJEPJE
Alice thank you for the lyrics - and it is as really beautiful as I had imagined - you are truly gifted and so versatile smile.gif
July 26 2015 23:40:26
UloisiusUloisius very nice Alice, i like the Sound of your language ;o)
On which subject the Lyrics turn ?

p.s. Magnificently as you accompany yourself with the second voice ;o)

+1 July 27 2015 04:30:08 Uloisiusaleonz
Thank you Ulo, so happy yo can enjoy this one, my "bahasa" lyrics is on the first comment, but I also write down the translation in the description smile.gif
Sounds like: [ alice ballad song ]

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