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Such an oustanding song in any aspect or theatre - it was a difficult decision whether to add or not - however the loops is what its about so just my experimentation - life is too short not to have a go (as per the story behind this song and wonderful singer, shows) - very difficult to know how the sound will come across but maybe someone could use a little of the ideas and do more justice with the mix and execution etc
Thank you for this wonderful template :)


July 30 2015 21:54:11
abuitremoremabuitremorem cool smile.gif
+1 August 01 2015 14:47:49 abuitremoremPJE
Hi abu so kind of you to say smile.gif thank you
July 30 2015 20:39:15
ivaxivax well played drums PJ, I love
+1 July 30 2015 20:42:23 ivaxPJE
Hi ivax thank you so much smile.gif
July 30 2015 05:26:22
aleonzaleonz Peter, I agree with Kelly...this is epic! you kickin the track!
+1 July 30 2015 12:44:38 aleonzPJE
Alice the compliments from you are wonderful - I am so pleased my add works for you - thank you smile.gif smile.gif
July 30 2015 05:04:43
KellsBellsKellsBells word comes to mind...EPIC. Great job standing tall along side this monstrously beautiful track. Your drums fit perfectly! smile.gif
+2 July 30 2015 12:41:00 KellsBellsPJE
Wow! I am honoured by your compliments Kelly and playing any part in this EPIC from Cee and Diane -thank you so much smile.gifsmile.gif
July 30 2015 04:37:23
RelativityRelativity BRAVO!!!!
I have a theatrical know everyword to the Broadway "Cats". Yeah I know. The vocals are beautiful and stunning! I love it. The arrangement really is impressive. I appreciate how much work into that let alone the performance.

+2 July 30 2015 12:38:15 RelativityPJE
Nic one Joe Thank you very much for your compliment - BDCee has a real masterpeice with this song hats off to him and Diane smile.gif
July 29 2015 21:57:09
kennyadrykennyadry Who are you missing smile.gifGreat drum add PJE smile.gif
+1 July 30 2015 12:36:00 kennyadryPJE
Kenny thank you and I think I was just very lucky to have this wonderful track to play on smile.gif
July 29 2015 21:35:24
frankyguitarfrankyguitar WOW, amazing drums for an amazing song. I think, Big Daddys work is always to fall in love with it!!
You did very well with the drums so nice in the background, Powerful but so fine unobtrusive!!

+2 July 29 2015 21:38:41 frankyguitarPJE
thank you franky - this song is truly a work of art and I am glad my drums wrere powerfully there but not - if you know what I mean smile.gif
July 29 2015 21:32:49
glennpglennp Nice add PJE. Sounds good.
+1 July 29 2015 21:35:18 glennpPJE
Than you glenn thats really good to know smile.gif
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