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Phew!!! I thought this is going to be a quicky, but it turned out to be sloooooooowie :/ . I just could not get the sounds that I wanted, took a's 1 at night now , and I am uploading it now come what may. Hope I don't listen it tomorrow morning and it's crap :O

Anyway, it's a great track by the guys, and lovely singing by Anne as always. Peace, TG
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August 01 2015 13:50:01
PsychoPsycho Great !!
August 01 2015 04:39:00
francisco alfrancisco al muito bom trabalho
July 30 2015 19:52:41
pklieschpkliesch Awesome, TG. Great sound and timing! smile.gif
+1 July 30 2015 20:06:13 pklieschTG_Strat
July 30 2015 18:53:51
ivaxivax spectacular TG
+1 July 30 2015 18:57:02 ivaxTG_Strat
Thanks Xavi smile.gif
July 30 2015 13:39:12
onewholeftonewholeft Mate it's great and Anne's vocals are amazing all up a 9/10 for me
+1 July 30 2015 14:03:37 onewholeftTG_Strat
Thanks, Annes voice is indeed great. We are lucky to have singers like you and Anne here.
July 30 2015 06:47:27
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Great!! Agree totally with Anne!! Das hast Du super auf ihren Großartigen Gesang abgestimmt!! Awseome!!! smile.gif smile.gif
+1 July 30 2015 08:36:50 frankyguitarTG_Strat
Danke Franky smile.gif freut mich das es dir gefällt!
July 30 2015 04:33:03
RelativityRelativity Hey TG -I hear some slight Neil Y/ CS &N which fits perfectly. You have a lick at 1:26 Im crazy about and from there the change, well done! Thanks man!
+2 July 30 2015 08:36:08 RelativityTG_Strat
Yes Neil Young is cool, Rust never sleeps... Thank you for a great track, glad you like it! smile.gif
July 30 2015 01:48:23
Davnel99Davnel99 Great job TG. cool pickin 4 sure. smile.gif
+1 July 30 2015 08:33:21 Davnel99TG_Strat
Thanks Dave!
July 30 2015 01:41:30
AnneCozeanAnneCozean wailing, moaning, falling monster of an intro, TG!
wish you'd beat me into submission a little more volume-wise (i know we've had this
:45 - cool little chicken bawks…
:59 - that's a real nice feel
1:24 - 1:29 - wow, love that scrambly stuff
1:48 - EXtra scrambled!!
2:01 - love that timing
2:44 - gorgeous long tone so subtly nice
Thanks so much for staying up late. i love it!

+1 July 30 2015 08:33:07 AnneCozeanTG_Strat
Thanks Anne - and yes, we had that talk about volume before Grin . I could not do a proper mixing, I had to do it on headphones - so it could be that some adjustments could be considered. But when it comes to your voice, it has to be on top! I am so glad you like it, that makes me happy smile.gif
Sounds like: [ Anne ] [ rock ]
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