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Came up with this patch w/ 2 independent pitch shifters, it's the dry signal, a signal with an octave above & another with a +10th, whatever that is !!! :D
Thing is it produces this neat sound, still have to tweak down feedback & this & that though but i feel this used with a heavy duty delay should sound absolutely awesome
This is just a doodle getting a feel for the thing… still it sounded decent so here it is
A few clicks in the first 30 seconds or so, can't figure out what caused them but i thought i'd still upload it..
Enjoy !..


February 08 2016 17:03:32
B427B427 Hey nuno, I've had those clicks a few times too. From what I've figured out in editing (studio one), if you have 2 tracks and cut each at the same spot to stop (track one) and start (track 2), you get that click - especially if you delete the sections after or before the segments you want to include.
My solution has been muting instead of deleting those sections, and allowing a little overlap in the transition between the two tracks. Just fyi. Just noticed the date on this too, so you've probably figured this out by now. lol.

+1 February 08 2016 17:28:12 B427nuno1959
With me ( GarageBand.. ) it's a random thing but my suspicion is a cable i have here, i've just been too lazy to check it out 'cause i have to bend under & behind the desk &, &, &….. Shock
February 08 2016 18:24:52 B427B427
February 08 2016 18:26:16 B427B427
Who's got time for that with all these awesome riffs pouring out?! ;-)
February 09 2016 02:53:45 B427nuno1959
Life's too short.. Wink
August 11 2015 04:12:54
WadeWade Yes, I do like this! Have been busy and not around much and missed a few wonderful things that have come through. Ah life! Better busy living than the alternative.
+1 August 11 2015 04:14:48 Wadenuno1959
Damn right !! Grin
August 06 2015 20:53:22
PJEPJE You are such an awesome bass player - I had to join in on this nuno my friendsmile.gif
+1 August 06 2015 21:17:35 PJEnuno1959
Thank you PJ, much appreciated & am glad you joined us !
The more the merrier… Wink Wink
August 05 2015 05:45:40
KeitonKeiton Cool template smile.gif
+1 August 05 2015 05:47:52 Keitonnuno1959
Thank you man, glad you liked it ! Wink
August 01 2015 05:30:40
francisco alfrancisco al muito bonito
+1 August 01 2015 17:46:51 francisco alnuno1959
Obrigado Francisco !! Wink
July 31 2015 21:40:01
ShiShi cool sounds here nunooo, very creative smile.gif
+1 August 01 2015 03:01:38 Shinuno1959
Thanks Shi, still have to tweak it some but, yeah.. pretty useable !! Wink
July 31 2015 15:52:46
aduadu Sounds very good. only for me to understand, with only 4 strings? Wink Grin
great nuno smile.gif

+1 July 31 2015 18:58:01 adununo1959
Next week i'm gluing more wood to the bass neck so i can fit more strings…. Grin
Thanks Adu, glad you enjoyed it ! Wink
July 31 2015 12:52:47
docnatdocnat Great sound FX master!
+1 July 31 2015 13:16:38 docnatnuno1959
Grazie Marco !!
July 31 2015 09:57:19
onewholeftonewholeft Very interesting sound
+1 July 31 2015 13:16:02 onewholeftnuno1959
Almost ecclesiastical…. thanks Lairdy !
July 31 2015 08:55:40
TG_StratTG_Strat just needs drums and guitar now
+1 July 31 2015 13:14:29 TG_Stratnuno1959
Absadoodle, here's hoping... !! Thanks TG Wink

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