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Man.. I still got Goosebumps listening to this. Oh my God. I hope I contributed to it in a positive way. Out of the ballpark track lyrics


August 25 2015 20:47:10
PaulBOwensPaulBOwens Thanks for pointing me to this one Mark: one of your best. Great work by you all...Downloaded Wink
August 03 2015 04:16:40
SlonMusicSlonMusic Great add!
August 01 2015 17:11:07
aleonzaleonz Walking through this track with your company give a comfort and warm feeling to the heart Mark! wonderful...simply wonderful...Thank you for sing through this track with us smile.gif
+1 August 01 2015 23:35:39 aleonzFishinmissio
August 01 2015 13:04:10
BalfoBalfo Beautifully blown Fishi, I love every single note!
+1 August 01 2015 23:36:18 BalfoFishinmissio
Thanks Balfo for
August 01 2015 07:19:32
StefStef We all have a long way to go to improve technically but your is a road full of beautiful trees and flowers . The technique is important but the elegance, the sensitivity , the taste and spontaneity you know express your sax come first. Very nice and cool Mark ! smile.gif
+1 August 01 2015 23:37:09 StefFishinmissio
Thank you stef..Alice is superb here smile.gif
August 01 2015 01:53:59
cody trippcody tripp Wow Nice !!
August 01 2015 00:47:19
TofzegritTofzegrit Softly sweety, I love the chorus when you play over the vocal, the intro, I like all actually smile.gif
+1 August 01 2015 00:49:12 TofzegritFishinmissio
This(and I am talkin before I added) Was just outstanding.
Thank you Tof smile.gif
August 01 2015 00:55:02 TofzegritTofzegrit
There is a kind of serenity in your playing since few weeks, does it come from your instrument or is it a cool state of mind ? Wink
August 01 2015 01:03:58 TofzegritFishinmissio
Ya know Chris..#1..I have a new to me sax...That I really like. But I think most of all..It's from feedback that I have gotten from Wade. We can all take feedback in a positive or negative way depending on how "good" we think we are. listening to myself play...I believe I have a long way to go to I am open to feedback in a positive way. Wade has been invaluable behind the scenes in taking his time to listen to me as a fellow(and superCool sax player...and I listen to what he has to say. I am so fortunate to have found this site..You will never know how much.
August 01 2015 01:14:14 TofzegritTofzegrit
That works well Wink
August 01 2015 01:31:43 TofzegritFishinmissio new hor plays dynamically better..and I have had a tendency to "Belt it out" and realize I need to play better dynamics.

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