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oh sorry for some mistakes..I'm having a little fun with my baby :)


January 26 2016 18:54:35
B427B427 Does break into a fun piece. Good job. Just posted a little solo piece too. #62868
August 12 2015 12:03:17
tullicbrtullicbr Angry
+0 August 12 2015 14:25:48 tullicbraleonz
August 12 2015 16:37:43 tullicbrtullicbr
August 12 2015 00:05:41
PsychoPsycho Missed this one Big Al... not bad smile.gif
+1 August 12 2015 14:25:41 Psychoaleonz
hehehehe thank you Big Psy!
August 11 2015 17:53:08
kennyadrykennyadry You play bass?? One word. AWESOME!!!
+1 August 11 2015 21:14:59 kennyadryaleonz
hahahah a tiny little bit Kenny smile.gif Thank you
August 05 2015 23:54:22
WadeWade Big go girl!
+1 August 06 2015 14:27:35 Wadealeonz
once at the time i like to break out from my comfort zone and breath the fresh air hahahaha
August 04 2015 16:30:41
PJEPJE Alice really great to see you are so vesatile - although do I need to start worrying about you taking up drums as well? smile.gifsmile.gif
+1 August 04 2015 16:35:49 PJEaleonz
hahaha no no Peter! my hubby only gave me bass, guitar, violin, piano, keys, and horns, no drums, no percussions , he know that I'm crazy enough to make some chaos and so afraid to get kick of from the neighborhood hahahahha
August 04 2015 16:40:15 PJEPJE
phew!!! I can rest easier now - though you have got work cut out Alice learning all these and I cant wait for your next orchestral symphony smile.gifsmile.gif
August 04 2015 11:32:39
SlonMusicSlonMusic She can all! Oh, Alice!
+1 August 04 2015 11:56:57 SlonMusicaleonz
not so all like you Steve smile.gif
August 04 2015 12:02:37 SlonMusicSlonMusic
OMG, i can't million things... But so sad that i can't to sing and write lyrics like you)
August 04 2015 05:16:13
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler Wowsmile.gif
+1 August 04 2015 11:56:05 Lenny Cowleraleonz
hahahah thank you Lenny smile.gif
August 04 2015 01:18:22
TofzegritTofzegrit Marry me smile.gif
+1 August 04 2015 11:55:34 Tofzegritaleonz
Pfft Pfft Pfft
August 03 2015 23:54:02
RelativityRelativity STOP! You play bass too? How cool is that? Sounds awesome! If you were to ask Paul McCartney who his favorite bass player is it would be a lady named Carol Kaye. Look her up. All bass players bow to that lady. She played on more hits then anyone. Look up "Carol Kaye Boogaloo" on youtube. Check her out, Alice. Sounds great! Awesome! Try a whole track with bass! Just go for it!
+2 August 04 2015 11:54:48 Relativityaleonz
just a little Joe, will check her out, but i think the name is sounds familiar, there's 2 female bass player that in my fave list, Tal & Spalding , I think the more I get amaze with them, the more it kick me to practice more hahahha
August 04 2015 11:56:09 RelativityRelativity
Tal is one of my faves.
August 04 2015 15:21:10 RelativityDannyK
Not to interrupt, but I took lessons with Carol. Pfft
August 04 2015 15:39:48 RelativityRelativity
No way! Shes like my idol! I love that lady. I do know a drummer who actually lived with Billy Cobham as an intern. Thats cool Danny!
August 04 2015 16:28:46 Relativityaleonz
Danny no need to be sorry, although i'm not really a bass player, but bass is the second thing that I love beside singing...most of the time I write a song with the bass line...

and Joe thank you for refresh my memory of Carol, yeah I've known her but a long time ago...she have a very very great cool soul groove
August 04 2015 16:32:30 RelativityRelativity
You have a very cool soul groove , Alice. I just listened to some stuff you and Danny did and Im blown away by it. Its amazing.
Sounds like: [ alice play her bass ]

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