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That's what I was able to play/compose on keys in 1999 :)
I worked with a MIDI sequencer with floppy Disk: AKAI ASQ-10

My expander was a ROLAND JV1080 and I always used it for my own backing tracks for guitar playing but I spent more time on Keys... Do you believe that?

So it's time for sharing my oldies here and I have decided to test a midi export from the Akai to Cubase and that works!

And I could use some other sounds in... so here is an ambient electronic song with Rhodes, Synth Bass, Synth...

A lot of space for adding anything



February 16 2016 17:04:08
LieschingLiesching Excellent template! Discovered via akchen´s "Anna". Superb!
+1 February 16 2016 17:19:32 LieschingTofzegrit
Merci beaucoup Uncle Marc smile.gif
I spent some time to do only music with sequencer and keyboard controller and I did some great pieces which I share here smile.gif
So happy that you like it M&M : Maestro Marc
January 22 2016 14:15:16
AKchenAKchen "higher and higher" would fit Wink the title ...
January 22 2016 14:14:04
AKchenAKchen thank you smile.gif in my pool ... not that easy but cool stuff Toffi Wink
September 16 2015 21:56:01
BabbazittBabbazitt cool
August 06 2015 00:23:57
WadeWade Can hear the ideas rattling around. A dated sound, but hey who am I???? a sax dated is that!
+1 August 06 2015 00:46:48 WadeTofzegrit
Merci Wade the Sax Player !
The "datas" come from 1999 but as I have "confess", the sounds are those of today. That was so nice to visit this music again but I could only do it with importing instrument by instrument untill the revelation, then the choice of sounds... give it a second life smile.gif
August 05 2015 23:11:24
Pit BrettPit Brett very cool template ! smile.gif
+1 August 06 2015 02:13:58 Pit BrettTofzegrit
Merci Peter, Urft: D-29 !!
August 05 2015 17:26:08
pklieschpkliesch Very cool end of 90s song, Chris! I had an Atari ST with one of the first cubase versions. Bad sound but great timesmile.gif
+1 August 05 2015 17:32:35 pklieschTofzegrit
I have began midi late but I've started with older machines smile.gif atari was leader so many years!
Glad you like it Patrick, merci
August 05 2015 11:47:06
KellsBellsKellsBells Thank you for this trip back in time. I was a freshman in college with little musical ability in 1999. lol You were already composing cool music! smile.gif
+2 August 05 2015 13:35:28 KellsBellsTofzegrit
Merci Kelly I have some oldest one to keep alive and to share... smile.gif
August 05 2015 04:15:35
aleonzaleonz you really good on keys too Tof, beside bass and guitar and you have to try to play keys and sing next time ...
+1 August 05 2015 04:25:05 aleonzTofzegrit
Merci Alice! you just want I sing a song on keys played by myself ?
August 05 2015 04:59:24 aleonzaleonz
Yeah, well if you can also play your bass and guitar while you play your keys and sing, that would be extra awesome
August 05 2015 05:05:10 aleonzTofzegrit
August 05 2015 03:16:11
jamladyjamlady cool work!
+1 August 05 2015 03:22:56 jamladyTofzegrit
merci smile.gif do you feel some Cello here and there ? Wink
Sounds like: [ l ]

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