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Again tweaking a preset i made & trying out things to see if it works, in this case it does except for some reason there is distortion in there, somewhere right in the mid frequencies !?…
This puzzles me because playing it here it sounds squeaky clean yet… it records murky - i'm guessing it's got to be some gain setting which i have to ''cool down'', got to sort that.
Still, this sounded half decent even w/ the distortion so here it is ! i Hope you like it


August 12 2015 21:38:41
LieschingLiesching Love it from the first second!
+1 August 12 2015 22:05:40 Lieschingnuno1959
Glad you do Marc, very much so - thanks !! Wink
August 11 2015 10:37:33
WadeWade So Nuno...and not! Your growing and experimenting. Good to hear.
+1 August 11 2015 13:49:42 Wadenuno1959
Thanks Wade, you're right about experimenting, yes !!
Growing ? Hope not, i want to remain an immature idiot for as long as i can… Grin Grin
Kidding, i know what you mean.. Wink
August 11 2015 01:33:32
francisco alfrancisco al muito bom trabalho, bem legal
+1 August 11 2015 03:17:03 francisco alnuno1959
Obrigado Francisco, ainda bem que gostou ! Wink
August 10 2015 15:30:48
BalfoBalfo Yes I like it Nuno!
+1 August 10 2015 15:52:05 Balfonuno1959
Thanks buddy.. Wink
August 10 2015 08:45:42
UloisiusUloisius so cool, i love it ;o)
+1 August 10 2015 15:51:53 Uloisiusnuno1959
Thank you Uloisius Wink
August 10 2015 01:05:44
PJEPJE Superb nuno - you really hit the spot every time smile.gif
+1 August 10 2015 15:51:37 PJEnuno1959
Cheers PJ, much appreciated !!
August 09 2015 12:59:37
kennyadrykennyadry This is a very lovely tune right here...Awesome composition right here man. Now I am trying to learn the chords you are using here...just awesome!! The effect you are using is so appropriate to the Jazzy chordal you are using, And it helps a lot that you use stereo for this one...I just can't say short,..playlisted my friendsmile.gif
+1 August 09 2015 14:43:31 kennyadrynuno1959
Thank you very much Kenny, very glad you liked it !!
Let me just point out to you i'm ''cheating'' in the sense i'm playing very plain, everyday chords & it's the Eventide Pitchfactor that is giving them that extra ''ooommphh'' through a patch i made…
It's an amazing piece of kit !! Wink
August 09 2015 11:58:17
ShiShi now this is real nice nuno smile.gif
+1 August 09 2015 14:41:04 Shinuno1959
Thank you very much Shi !!
August 09 2015 03:46:14
aduadu How good is this? Man, you inspire me a lot! Thanks nuno Wink
+1 August 09 2015 14:40:44 adununo1959
Thank YOU Adu !! Apparently there's still life left in the old 4 strings !? Wink
August 09 2015 02:19:36
onewholeftonewholeft I think the bit of dirt in the sound is good mate
+1 August 09 2015 03:12:47 onewholeftnuno1959
Thanks Lairdy, it's just frustrating 'cause here it sounded so clean & nice..

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