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I mixed Lenny's track with mine - sounds much better with drums. I tweaked Nuno's and my tracks a little to make it a bit more dream like. It is a matter of taste of course, but I like it.

I really appreciate your comments, even if you don't like it/have improvement suggestions let me know, don't be shy ;)

Thank you Nuno and Lenny, and thank you guys for listening :)

Love TG


August 12 2015 19:24:47
pklieschpkliesch Sehr cooles Teil, TG smile.gif
August 11 2015 19:39:38
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler I agree with Frankysmile.gif
August 11 2015 06:36:08
frankyguitarfrankyguitar A very nice Sanatana vibe here! Well played TG!
August 11 2015 04:16:20
Davnel99Davnel99 This is different 4 U TG. sounds like ur stretching out and letting it flow. I like it dude smile.gif
August 11 2015 03:34:25
nuno1959nuno1959 I absolutely love this TG, wow !! Such cool tones, fluid lines…
Fantastic add, very well done & playlisted.. Wink

+1 August 11 2015 08:56:11 nuno1959TG_Strat
Glad you like it, I enjoyed playing with it. I was just listening to it in my car on the way to work, and I was asking myself if a "normal" bass line would enhance this song or not? After all your bass playing is more like a guitar. What do you think?
August 11 2015 13:40:40 nuno1959nuno1959
Don't see why not ! Plus i have done mixes w/ several bass tracks, each in it's own register & i think it works fine !
Then again i don't know why but.. i'm a LITTLE BIT biased towards the bass ! Grin
August 11 2015 14:42:34 nuno1959TG_Strat
Great, so if you feel like it I would be glad to mix it in.
August 11 2015 01:29:28
francisco alfrancisco al bem legal o trabalho
August 11 2015 00:13:01
gwailoahgwailoah nice, kind of Santana meets Steve Howe. The guitar feels a bit too forward in the mix, not quite balanced. Otherwise, well played!
+1 August 11 2015 08:52:39 gwailoahTG_Strat
Thanks man, I was not sure about the volume level myself, I generated about 10 tracks with different levels, at the end I went for this one...
August 10 2015 23:41:44
PsychoPsycho Appears to have worked out just fine. Sounds good man smile.gif
Sounds like: [ Nuno ] [ lenny ] [ tg ] [ dreamy ]

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