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I used to walk along the crowded streets
so full of men with eyes glued to my sweets.
I'd search the eyes, accepting them for fun
not more, 'cause I was looking for the "one".

Curled up in bed, late night
with no one by my side
I'll peel off the layers of dreams so overgrown.
Each of the dreams flying
will disappear, sighing
till I end up wholly and utterly alone.

Tomorrow'll bring another faceless day,
another set of dreams that slips away,
another search, another fail to find
the "one", the only one who speaks my mind.

The stars through blinds, peeping.
The table clock, ticking.
I'm in my bed, thinking, completely on my own.
Those outside people,
They know so little,
that all my soul is crippled. Alone, I am alone.


August 12 2015 09:58:07
DickDick interesting blend of little pieces!
it does have some "artificial flavor" to my ear sometimes, it would be cool to have some more real instruments to lay this piece... truly interesting composition-wise!

+1 August 12 2015 15:10:28 Dicksfiks
Thank you for the feedback, Dick!
I agree that real instruments would add fresh colors to the mix.
I think that complete mix doesn't fit a jamming spirit of wikiloops that I love.
But with Alice's performance it kinda doessmile.gif
That's the only vocal piece I have and I decided to upload it "as is".
August 11 2015 22:46:27
SexoPhoniXSexoPhoniX Subtile and unpredictable theme here. Good work sfiks
+2 August 12 2015 00:32:22 SexoPhoniXsfiks
Thank you for the comment! smile.gif
August 11 2015 21:02:05
jamladyjamlady wow super Komposition!
+1 August 12 2015 00:31:18 jamladysfiks
very glad to hear that! smile.gif
August 11 2015 20:56:48
heliandrosheliandros what the hell, this is awesome, no words...
+1 August 12 2015 00:29:59 heliandrossfiks
appreciate your compliment! smile.gif
August 11 2015 16:16:02
PJEPJE Realy unique and great smile.gif
+1 August 12 2015 00:29:03 PJEsfiks
Thank you for that! smile.gif
August 11 2015 15:00:43
onewholeftonewholeft This is inspiring
+0 August 12 2015 00:26:34 onewholeftsfiks
Thank you for listening! smile.gif
August 11 2015 13:46:29
TofzegritTofzegrit Talented!
+0 August 12 2015 00:24:48 Tofzegritsfiks
smile.gif blushing again. Thank you my friend!
August 11 2015 13:16:57
aleonzaleonz Hi Slava! this is a great excellent song! and crystal mix as it!
+1 August 12 2015 00:18:09 aleonzsfiks
Thank you, Alice. I still cannot believe you did your part so fast! smile.gif
August 11 2015 10:03:04
UloisiusUloisius very nice ;o)
+1 August 12 2015 00:15:30 Uloisiussfiks
very glad to hear that smile.gif
August 11 2015 09:29:45
kennyadrykennyadry at the intro, heart warming...1st stanza- dancing,..beautiful mix of melody and progressive beat...
+1 August 12 2015 00:14:15 kennyadrysfiks
Thank you for the comment! smile.gif

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