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I'll play..Liked this when I heard it..immediately hit "Download" and played along..I am thinking would sound good with upright bass and some soft drums..Anybody?


August 15 2015 00:04:47
ItocpogoItocpogo Very mice Fish!
August 14 2015 02:21:17
PsychoPsycho Fabulous man !!
August 13 2015 07:53:02
docnatdocnat Your music fly high!
August 13 2015 03:25:05
aleonzaleonz Mark your sax beautifully fly through the track, like a butterfly and the lovely
+1 August 13 2015 04:00:07 aleonzFishinmissio
Thanks Alice what are you still doing up?
August 13 2015 03:23:58
TofzegritTofzegrit Well done Mark, you're so near that I can hear your breath and the clic clic...
I like that, It's so True and it's 3 : 30 am, a night jam, a nice one smile.gif

+1 August 13 2015 03:53:35 TofzegritFishinmissio
I followed Ake's lead and bought a new mic..Funny..RTFM..I had the dot on the the mic facing the back..Finally figured it out..Geezuz..
August 13 2015 03:55:18 TofzegritTofzegrit
Be creative? no problem Grin
August 13 2015 03:00:56
mpointonmpointon Superb! As always. Your playing is always impeccable. No idea what I'll do with this but I'll have a damn good stab tomorrow!
+2 August 13 2015 04:01:36 mpointonFishinmissio
Thanks Martin..If you are not comfy with's OK..I shouldn't have asked you to join..But hey..I wanted you to..silly me
August 13 2015 04:30:32 mpointonmpointon
I'll join, do not worry. It's a great track. I've just got to decide how to!
August 13 2015 02:39:36
StefStef An other refined performance Mark !! smile.gif
+1 August 13 2015 04:04:33 StefFishinmissio
Thank you Stef sir smile.gif
August 13 2015 02:29:15
ToadCruncherToadCruncher immediately hit "Download" and played along..Yeah!I love it when that happens. best way to get into the session with no pressure. It just flows out, Nicely played
Cheers man

+1 August 13 2015 02:31:51 ToadCruncherFishinmissio
Thanks Toad..about 2 weeks for the salmon flood here
August 13 2015 02:36:16 ToadCruncherToadCruncher
Stripe Bass run almost over, Blue Fish will be here soon, real fun to catch. can't wait
August 13 2015 04:03:06 ToadCruncherFishinmissio
I had a dream last night about shad in a rive nearby..I don't even let them in my boat..they are fun to catch on light gear smile.gif
August 13 2015 02:26:33
RickplayerRickplayer cool playing Fish
+1 August 13 2015 02:32:20 RickplayerFishinmissio
Thanks for listenin Rickplayer smile.gif
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