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I found this wonderful song from John a few days a go, and I just love this song very I take a shot to sing a long with this track ...hope you like it...Thank you for lyrics


January 08 2016 11:18:09
ROBJOLROBJOL You have a rare talent. When I listen to that song, i feel that you talk to me.
+1 January 08 2016 13:21:08 ROBJOLaleonz
Thank you very much Rob smile.gif
September 23 2015 10:41:11
FrankieJFrankieJ Voice of an Angel. Great track!
August 18 2015 23:10:00
gwailoahgwailoah Great lyric and melody, great song and arrangement - total wow 👏👏😃
August 18 2015 08:08:24
WadeWade So sweet and warm. Makes me forget about all the world's problems. Everyone should be using this tonic for world (and personal) peace.
+1 August 18 2015 09:01:37 Wadealeonz
oh that exactly the way i feel when I listen to John track, and I can't agree more to you , we all need more music in this cruel world
August 17 2015 18:47:40
SlonMusicSlonMusic WOW!! Very nice Song again!
+1 August 18 2015 08:59:23 SlonMusicaleonz
Thank you very much Steve!
August 17 2015 15:39:21
hurzelhurzel wonderful music!
+1 August 17 2015 17:03:44 hurzelaleonz
Thank you smile.gif
August 17 2015 12:20:30
PJEPJE What can I say Alice - you make Johns wonderful music into such a beautifully complete song - what a talent you are and its so good to have you here smile.gif
Great both of you!!

+1 August 17 2015 14:12:41 PJEaleonz
Thank you very much Peter! my smile getting bigger now smile.gif
August 17 2015 04:15:04
nuno1959nuno1959 Beautifully sung Alice !! Everything you do is SO polished, it's a pleasure.. Wink
+1 August 17 2015 05:17:29 nuno1959aleonz
Thank you so much Nuno!
August 16 2015 20:34:03
texassontexasson Wonderful piece of music and gorgeous vocals! Love it!
+1 August 17 2015 05:16:50 texassonaleonz
So happy you like it Tex! Thank you very much
August 16 2015 12:19:59
TEE-KWATEE-KWA Wow....Just Wow....Adding this one to my playlist....Your vocals and backing vocals are so on point...I like this a lot. Johnv....Such a wonderfull track.....Talent with a great big captal T..
+2 August 16 2015 12:52:05 TEE-KWAaleonz
Thank you so much TK! so glad you like it smile.gif
Sounds like: [ Alice Yee Haaaawwww ]

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