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That was a cool thing to do Alice... Had some listening again and again to get the chords right... Had an Ebmaj7 in mind for the third but that was very bad with the backing.... so left it with a G7....

Hope you like it.... left it width open for drums, bas, guitar, brazz... :)

cheerzzz & thanks for the great vocals!

something like:
Am7/9 C7/9+6 G7 Dm7/9-C#6/9


October 15 2015 04:46:39
TofzegritTofzegrit I have just seen your chords transcription lol, This f..... 3rd Chord make the difference smile.gif
+1 October 15 2015 17:09:53 TofzegritMarceys
i had some problems with that part too! Thought of an Ebmaj7 first but made it an G7.........
September 03 2015 19:15:53
CarpenterCarpenter great & groovy; super fit smile.gif
your keys are also included in #48862 Wink

+1 September 03 2015 21:53:00 CarpenterMarceys
Thanks and cool Carpenter! Gonna listen to it!
August 23 2015 09:58:24
kennyadrykennyadry Very like what you did here Marcey,...I so love the jazzy rhythm, and the chords are so perfect here,..You made Alice singing even more enjoyable to listen.
+0 August 23 2015 10:26:42 kennyadryMarceys
Thanks kenny! Think the chords blend alright with Alice her fine singing!
August 18 2015 13:15:12
LieschingLiesching Very nicely done, Marc!!! smile.gif
+1 August 18 2015 13:22:33 LieschingMarceys
Thanks man, it sounds allright like this. Alice laid some fine vocals there!
August 18 2015 10:00:48
WadeWade This would have been tough to add to with those close harmony chords already there.
+1 August 18 2015 13:16:10 WadeMarceys
Yes it was, there are points wereit get's tricky.... But it was good working with it, learningfull! smile.gif
August 17 2015 20:12:32
pklieschpkliesch Great, great, GREAT. Fits so perfect!
+1 August 17 2015 20:41:31 pklieschMarceys
Thanks man! Cool you feel it that way! smile.gif
August 17 2015 15:00:18
hurzelhurzel sweet keys! Grin
+1 August 17 2015 18:46:18 hurzelMarceys
Thanks Hurzel!
August 17 2015 11:43:59
RobMRobM Sweeet !
+1 August 17 2015 18:46:01 RobMMarceys
Thanks Rob!
August 17 2015 10:56:38
davetdavet WOW Beautiful singing fab Keys. Marc you are a very clever bunny (that's a good thing). Such a fantastic add, I tried and couldn't work out the chords at all but then I'm just a guitarist not a musician :-)
+1 August 17 2015 11:04:47 davetMarceys
Thanks davet, I had to figure them out also... they are not all perfect but it fits like this! smile.gif
August 17 2015 10:22:18
dizzydogdizzydog Nice arrangement Marcey, lovely chords, any chance of putting them up smile.gif
+1 August 17 2015 10:35:39 dizzydogMarceys
Thanks dizzydog! I have put them in the box above this!

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