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Added guitar to this amazing lyrics


August 19 2015 02:53:20
Blind-DogBlind-Dog Great guitar work here!
+1 August 19 2015 08:04:09 Blind-Dogdavet
Thank you I'm glad you like it.
August 18 2015 22:49:10
ivaxivax very good Davet, I like your add guitar
+1 August 18 2015 23:49:28 ivaxdavet
Thank you
August 18 2015 21:26:55
davetdavet Thank you so much :-)
August 18 2015 21:19:51
jamladyjamlady wonderful!
August 18 2015 20:00:23
PsychoPsycho Fine job Dave... great fit !!
+1 August 18 2015 21:12:53 Psychodavet
Thanks a lot 'preciated
August 18 2015 19:13:12
TofzegritTofzegrit Sweety one Dave!
I like it

+1 August 18 2015 19:23:15 Tofzegritdavet
Thanks,I appreciate it but do you ever take a break from the Big WL?
August 18 2015 19:27:27 Tofzegritdavet
wish i could come to the wiki meet but im away. It would be good to meet you and steal all your good ideas.
August 18 2015 20:52:31 TofzegritTofzegrit
Take a break... Bringing computer and guitar... Ibanez serie S is so thin... smile.gif
Just listen and comment for the moment. Big Hopper is watching you.
August 18 2015 18:54:13
jmrukkersjmrukkers Very fine add
August 18 2015 18:48:56
cody trippcody tripp Awesome add !!!
+1 August 18 2015 19:24:31 cody trippdavet
Thanks cody, i watch out for your !!!
August 18 2015 17:58:32
LieschingLiesching Wonderful! Great playin, Davet!
+1 August 18 2015 18:02:26 Lieschingdavet
Thank you very much.
August 18 2015 17:48:23
aleonzaleonz it's lovely how you communicate with the piano in the first part, cool play Dave!, thank you for jamming with the track
+1 August 18 2015 18:01:52 aleonzdavet
Thank you it was a real pleasure. Do you think the mix is ok, Ive listened on two sets of phones and on one its sound like some parts are too forward in the mix?
August 18 2015 18:34:28 aleonzaleonz
It's kinda hard to say Dave, because I also don't have a good skill in this mix stuff, so far I don't see any "too forward" sounds, but maybe I know which part you pointing at, it's around before and after the solo part , but I guess the whole part is going up at that point, and everything sounds fine to my ears (I also can;t tell if I have a good ears hahahha )

In my humble opinion, music mix is about the taste, some people like some of instrument up front, some people like the vocal up on the top, some like to press down and lift up some stuff...
August 18 2015 19:31:10 aleonzdavet
Thanks, i wanted to make sure it wasn't detracting from the vocal but adding to it.
Sounds like: [ DaveT ]
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