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Harmonious support for this fabulous tracks.
I leave the central chorus in your good pleasure.
Beautiful work to you two, you caught me :)
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September 24 2016 12:06:28
Pit BrettPit Brett Very nice 🤓
+1 September 25 2016 09:24:55 Pit Bretttiti
Merci Peter !
August 23 2015 18:36:05
TG_StratTG_Strat Very very nice addition Titi!
+1 September 22 2016 10:41:25 TG_Strattiti
Thanks TG smile.gif
August 20 2015 14:51:38
PJEPJE Harmonious Harp and just so perfect titi -the little magic always gives the whole picture full meaning smile.gif
+1 August 20 2015 15:02:44 PJEtiti
Thank you very much the PJ' it is really kindsmile.gif
The chorus to play in the middle in occupied my spirit all morning long, and I believe that I am going to make it remix...
August 20 2015 15:08:47 PJEPJE
you are a true artist seeking perfection titi, smile.gif - I will listen for the remix also smile.gif
August 20 2015 15:13:53 PJEtiti
I have no this claim, but indeed I like the beautiful worksmile.gif
August 20 2015 07:53:01
gwailoahgwailoah French tango vibe - ooo la la vamonos!! Very nice! Wish I could sing Spanish, I'd put a flamenco rap in the middle GrinD
+1 August 20 2015 14:20:34 gwailoahtiti
Thank you very much Gwailoahsmile.gif
I am happy to be able to find a little this style.
The tango is very meaning and requires one voucher degrees of nostalgia and technique.
I do not often play it but it wakes my Latin side.
August 20 2015 04:54:06
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler supersmile.gif
+1 August 20 2015 06:23:16 Lenny Cowlertiti
Thank you very much Len' smile.gif
August 20 2015 04:17:47
aleonzaleonz you play this style without losing out your color Titi! What a sweet addition ! it showing a strong emotion
+1 August 20 2015 06:22:47 aleonztiti
To thank you Alice for this good moment smile.gif
August 20 2015 03:34:46
garymcmillgarymcmill Nice add titi. I agree with davet its so good would of like to hear more.
+1 August 20 2015 06:21:54 garymcmilltiti
Thank you very much Garysmile.gif
Sorry to frustrate you Grin
August 19 2015 23:36:37
davetdavet Awesome, It fits perfectly.
I was a bit disappointed you didn't add to the middle as well though :0 I like your idea of the bandoneon smile.gif

+1 August 20 2015 06:20:49 davettiti
Thank you Dave.
For once that I think of leaving some room Grin
August 19 2015 22:59:33
abuitremoremabuitremorem super smile.gif
+1 August 20 2015 06:18:03 abuitremoremtiti
Thank you very muche René smile.gif
August 19 2015 22:03:24
bleymehlbleymehl Excellent!
+1 August 19 2015 22:07:15 bleymehltiti
Thank you bley smile.gif
I hoped you for this to be allowed.
Take the chorus!
The tango and the bandoneon it is a perfect addition.
I am satisfied that you pass Wink
August 19 2015 22:09:09 bleymehlbleymehl
It takes some days for me to return from holidays, but I will try my best smile.gif
August 19 2015 22:11:22 bleymehltiti
With pleasure.
Take your time Wink
September 22 2016 00:28:44 bleymehlbleymehl
Sometimes some time is more than a year smile.gif
Sounds like: [ sequencer/vocal/harmonica ]

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