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Have added guitar and this one goes totally mad now!! Was inspired from the great add from Tof and had a fine conversation and get fine advice from him! Merci beaucoup mon ami!!
It is a sort of hard stuff and you should hold the ears closed! Explicit warning! At least for the first minute. :-)
Thank you Danny and Tof for this fine work that I have destroyed...... , with a lot of fun....


August 24 2015 02:58:55
nuno1959nuno1959 Franky, that's VERY cool my friend !
Good work.. Wink

+1 August 24 2015 05:10:45 nuno1959frankyguitar
Thank you very much nuno! After Tof gave me some helpful advice I could handle it.....a bit, I'm glad you spend your time for listen and writing your comment, thanx my friend smile.gif
August 24 2015 05:16:57 nuno1959frankyguitar
What Do think about Ulo's add? The lyrics are great and this singing is a bit with some elements from the gregorians or other religions! This world need more love!!!!
August 24 2015 09:51:13 nuno1959nuno1959
Ulo's add is BRUTAL !! I love it.. Wink
August 23 2015 18:27:40
TG_StratTG_Strat Sehr kreativ Franki smile.gif
+1 August 23 2015 18:48:35 TG_Stratfrankyguitar
Danke TG! hat richtig viel Spaß gemacht !! smile.gif aber die die ganze Arbeit hatten die Jungs vor mirsmile.gif smile.gif
August 21 2015 08:54:35
chrisbasschrisbass Love it
+1 August 21 2015 10:01:44 chrisbassfrankyguitar
Thank you chris, really pleased you like this one! smile.gif
August 20 2015 17:44:35
UloisiusUloisius yeah, very cool ;o)
+1 August 20 2015 18:47:06 Uloisiusfrankyguitar
Hallo Uli, Dankeschön, ja das ist schon recht schräg, aber big fun... smile.gif
August 20 2015 05:00:07
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler supersmile.gif
+1 August 20 2015 06:34:34 Lenny Cowlerfrankyguitar
Thank you Lenny, it's not for everybodys ears I know, thanx for listen smile.gif
August 19 2015 23:50:00
TofzegritTofzegrit Totally in Franky!
What a nice nightmaresmile.gif

+1 August 20 2015 06:31:08 Tofzegritfrankyguitar
Hey Tof, I'm really relieved you like it! Thank you very much! smile.gif
August 19 2015 23:49:21
DannyKDannyK Instant thumbs! Grin
+1 August 20 2015 05:05:52 DannyKfrankyguitar
Hey Danny, that's great, had hope you like it! Thank you very much! Grin
August 19 2015 22:46:15
MarceysMarceys That's cool franky!
+1 August 20 2015 05:02:56 Marceysfrankyguitar
Thank you very much Marc, I'm really surprised and very pleased you spend your Time for listen it! Appreciate it! smile.gif
August 20 2015 08:42:55 MarceysMarceys
Huh? But that is the cool thing about WikiLoops, listening to all the different tracks! Crazy cool place it is! smile.gif
August 20 2015 12:33:59 Marceysfrankyguitar
Grin yeah I Love this Place!
August 19 2015 22:08:32
GirardGirard You're getting better and better! Nice and krazy!
+1 August 19 2015 22:23:45 Girardfrankyguitar
Krazzyy thankxxx Girard! This one is not made to listen it again and again and again and again and again.... LOL be careful with your ears, you have only twoGrin
August 19 2015 21:39:11
KellsBellsKellsBells This was so unique and a little crazy...IN A GOOD WAY! I dig it. That's the kind of madness that makes me give an evil grin from ear to ear and it fit in so well. Great job Franky! Grin
+1 August 19 2015 21:56:32 KellsBellsfrankyguitar
Crazy, crazy, yeah an a bit mad. I love this kind of stuff. Thank you very much Kelly for your great comment. I'm very happy you have fun with it.
August 19 2015 21:58:39 KellsBellsKellsBells
I do. I do! smile.gif You see, I'm a little crazy myself, so i really appreciate this kind of art. Wink
August 19 2015 22:02:29 KellsBellsfrankyguitar
Honest injun! That had I never thought. Thnx so much... smile.gif

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