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Came from a Beach Day and after the shower, the pool, the shower, a beer, wiki Time!

I have listened to the last tune from my friends xavi and martin... what else...
Why not having a nice jam with them after a solid great sun day !



February 22 2016 22:45:45
frenziefrenzie Superplaying tof! really cool lines and sound lots of emotional touch here! The sun must have been good to you that day! smile.gif
+1 February 22 2016 22:51:25 frenzieTofzegrit
smile.gif merci Frenzie, yes it was sunny and wine !
November 15 2015 03:01:23
ivaxivax Hey Tofz my brother, you made me thrill me again listening to your sensitivity in these lines of guitar... this song is prized for being one of the first that I wrote... Many thanks
August 24 2015 05:55:52
nuno1959nuno1959 Yup, tell the job to sod off & stay at that beach - it's obviously good for you !! Wink
August 21 2015 20:06:47
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler very good Tof,as always Wowsmile.gif
+1 August 21 2015 20:40:32 Lenny CowlerTofzegrit
Sunshine Suntracks Wink
Merci Lenny, there's a waltz 3/4 to play for you Wink
August 21 2015 20:41:31 Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler
good Walz song, Iˇll trysmile.gif
August 20 2015 22:06:36
ivaxivax Hey Tofz... hope they enjoying holidays... just that I did enjoy to my listening to your guitar in this topic... Thank you brother for your colouring on these lines...Me gusta mucho hermano
+1 August 20 2015 22:24:46 ivaxTofzegrit
A mi me gusta mucha tu musica
August 20 2015 21:02:17
frankyguitarfrankyguitar That's really holidays, I mean you enjoy your liife without work... ha, ha, who not ! Grin Great addition Tof smile.gif
+1 August 20 2015 21:16:53 frankyguitarTofzegrit
Total cool days!
Merci Franky
August 21 2015 05:09:48 frankyguitarfrankyguitar
This pic show me you have it! Great pool, but don't play near the water with the amp..... Wink Wink
August 20 2015 20:11:25
cody trippcody tripp Awesome !! Love the new freakin' NUT !!
+1 August 20 2015 21:15:59 cody trippTofzegrit
Merci Cody
August 20 2015 20:01:47
KellsBellsKellsBells Still loopin' on a holiday! smile.gif Nice addition and beautiful playing. Can tell you are relaxed after your beach day! smile.gif
+1 August 20 2015 21:15:03 KellsBellsTofzegrit
Yes I am!
Merci Kelly
August 20 2015 19:25:23
titititi Sea, sex & guitar!
+1 August 20 2015 19:30:34 titiTofzegrit
Yes and a lot of other cool stuff smile.gif
Y a du très bon rosé Corse dis donc !
August 20 2015 19:31:38 titititi
Tu as bien raison! j'ai passé mes vacances frustré de Wiki... Une vraie dope ce truc Grin
August 20 2015 19:36:20 titiTofzegrit
C'est vrai que ça motive à faire de la musique... Depuis le temps que j'attends de pouvoir jouer entre 2 moments sympas dans un contexte trop cool.
August 20 2015 19:40:31 titititi
Tu es en Corse mon cochon!
J'adore ! Des années d'Afrique océanique, et la corse n'a rien à envier aux belles iles. Le rosé est bon et le connais bien...Teste la charcuterie pays tu m'en diras des news...
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