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Hey Steve,

Cool template man! I added some piano and Hammond. I hope you like it!


have a good weekend all!


August 28 2015 11:48:29
SlonMusicSlonMusic Hey Marc, check please your HD track, it's not just keys=(
+1 August 28 2015 11:53:09 SlonMusicMarceys
opps, sorry man, I made a mistake there... there isn't an option to change that. I can always sent it to you if needed! smile.gif
August 28 2015 14:36:45 SlonMusicSlonMusic
Do it please=)
August 22 2015 11:58:52
kimbokimbo Just wait till I get back!
+0 August 22 2015 12:39:21 kimboMarceys
The track will wait for you Kimbo! smile.gif
August 22 2015 04:32:12
SlonMusicSlonMusic And thank you for the HD trackWink
August 22 2015 04:31:01
SlonMusicSlonMusic Very cool add Marc! Your keys lifted the track on another plato - and it's cool! Too short solo you did in the end)
+1 August 22 2015 08:48:39 SlonMusicMarceys
Thanks Steve but it was your building that makes the track so cool, I'm glad that I could contribute to that! I kept the solo a bit short cause there was already your great guitarsolo and wanted to leave room for vocals! smile.gif
August 22 2015 00:09:24
jamladyjamlady very very cool!and especially the final, oh my goodness
+1 August 22 2015 08:46:31 jamladyMarceys
Thanks jamlady!
August 21 2015 20:37:42
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler awesome Marcsmile.gif
+1 August 21 2015 22:06:55 Lenny CowlerMarceys
Thanks Lenny! The drums are allready there... Sorry man! smile.gif
August 21 2015 20:20:00
AnneCozeanAnneCozean wow, Marc - your contribution dovetails perfectly with Steve's template. the keys lend such a distinctive voice - and the Hammond adds a bright new dimension. i so admire your sense of when to play and when to let Steve shine where appropriate and then do some fine glowing yourself. smile.gif your breakout at 2:23 was exciting - i really enjoy that stabbing style you've got happening. last section had me a little sad it was gonna end - but your juice at the finale made it all better. BRAVO, BROTHERS - this Sis loves it! smile.gif
+1 August 21 2015 22:06:24 AnneCozeanMarceys
Hehe, thanks for your so cool comment, hope I didn't trigger you to much on this. Nevertheless is great reading it! smile.gif Think the track deserves some cool adds here! smile.gif smile.gif
August 21 2015 22:09:00 AnneCozeanAnneCozean
no trigger, but i WAS gently nudged in your direction - should have been nudged there before now....Yours is a Class Act, Marc. your presence was the
August 21 2015 22:10:55 AnneCozeanMarceys
Thanks so much Anne!
August 21 2015 22:26:12 AnneCozeanAnneCozean
"i have only beGUN to be nudged...!" smile.gif
August 21 2015 22:42:43 AnneCozeanMarceys
Ohoh, I'll have to watch my back! smile.gif
August 21 2015 19:39:36
Davnel99Davnel99 Yessir this is cooooool . nice add Marc
+1 August 21 2015 19:56:44 Davnel99Marceys
Thanks Davnel!
August 21 2015 19:28:53
aleonzaleonz oh yeah this is so cool Marc!!!
+1 August 21 2015 19:56:24 aleonzMarceys
Steve made a very cool track here!
August 21 2015 18:25:28
kennyadrykennyadry Awesome track!
+1 August 21 2015 19:50:01 kennyadryMarceys
Thanks man! Steve did the trick!

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