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9452 Fans | 902 Jams

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August 24 2015 10:55:47
BassterBasster Awesome track bro - perfect timing!! Wink
August 23 2015 18:14:23
RickplayerRickplayer super track
August 23 2015 08:05:51
HaffastHaffast Wow! This is blowing my mind!

Any chance you're much of a Buckethead fan? Because I am, and this is totally reminding me of him. Badass! smile.gif

+1 August 23 2015 16:09:52 HaffastPeterVeillon
Major Buckethead fan. I used to live in his hometown but I'm pretty sure I've never crossed his path He's the reason I enjoy instrumentals more often than the usual tunes we hear on the radio.
August 23 2015 18:56:16 HaffastHaffast
SWEET! If that's the case, then I can totally hear the influence, whether it was intentional or not... I LOVE how he can come up with very unique sounds, but can eek more emotion out of a few well placed power chords than anyone I can think of.

Either way, I always love your music and your style. You and Dan, especially, are always a treat to hear. AWESOME man, AWESOME!

Paul Gilbert and I were born in the same hospital and had the same hometown. Didn't translate into my music, but it was pretty cool when I found out after years of digging him. smile.gif
August 23 2015 18:58:35 HaffastPeterVeillon
Man, I lov Paul Gilbert too. I wanted to upgrade one of my guitars pickups to his signature ones. His solo stuff is killer and he's such a humble guy
August 23 2015 19:02:26 HaffastHaffast
He really does seem super cool. I always imagine he'd be an awesome person to meet. One of only about 3 of my guitar heroes I still have to see live.

I envy you guys out there in Cali for having WAY more chances.
August 26 2015 17:37:00 HaffastRelativity
I saw Buckethead in Times Square quite random show he had put on in a theater spur of the moment.
August 27 2015 13:48:25 HaffastHaffast
Man! That's AWESOME! Some day I'll see him.. Some day....
August 27 2015 13:49:57 HaffastRelativity
I was in the Hello Kitty Store right next door and heard the bass thru the wall. When I went outside, I looked at a poster and it was him. me and the fiance freaked as she loves him.
August 27 2015 13:58:29 HaffastRelativity
The bass rattling the Hello Kitty rack against the wall was what drew my attention .
An entire rack of Hello Kitty stuffed dolls looked like they were headbanging to the bass thump.
August 27 2015 15:00:38 HaffastHaffast
That might be the greatest sorry EVER! AWESOME! !
August 27 2015 15:45:26 HaffastPeterVeillon
Predictive text sux smile.giflol
August 27 2015 16:11:36 HaffastRelativity
Hes sorry about that.
August 23 2015 07:50:11
Danalyze45Danalyze45 Off the chain...this is such a cool piece of music. Love it!
August 22 2015 02:39:02
onewholeftonewholeft Very unique love it Pete
August 22 2015 00:38:55
WHITEPONGOWHITEPONGO Pretty cool Peter... Cool guitar sound.
August 22 2015 00:02:53
AcousticegAcousticeg Like the guitars...
August 21 2015 23:56:00
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Yeah !! Grin Grin Very good!
+1 August 21 2015 23:58:29 frankyguitarPeterVeillon
thanks franky

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