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So I got a new guitar and had to try it out. Some soft crunch with harmonies here and there, especially the outro. I tried to stay sensitive to the track. Be gentle: I haven't played in years. :)

I don't know what else it could use. Maybe an intro solo?


August 29 2015 03:38:35
abuitremoremabuitremorem cool smile.gif
+1 August 29 2015 06:46:46 abuitremoremDannyK
August 28 2015 20:57:59
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler good guitar tunningsmile.gif
+1 August 28 2015 23:05:36 Lenny CowlerDannyK
Thanks, Lenny! What's tunning?
August 28 2015 20:51:34
MarceysMarceys Ah yeah! Way cool,guitar and a good choice to shorten the intro! It was a bit to long indeed! Great sound and you can play the guitar more often, very cool! The mix is great too! smile.gif
+1 August 28 2015 23:05:09 MarceysDannyK
Thanks, Marc - I was hoping I didn't trash the track!
August 29 2015 08:51:57 MarceysMarceys
No man! You improved it for sure! It's great!
August 28 2015 19:24:51
RelativityRelativity Danny you are the hot sauce in this musical chili. Solid brother. New Guitar is a winner.
+1 August 28 2015 19:30:59 RelativityDannyK
Thanks! I though it needed something to "fill" it. The only thing I'd do differently is beginning at 1:13 I'd give the chords some more movement but other than that this was a blast for me to record/mix.
August 28 2015 19:32:43 RelativityDannyK
Oh, and the guitar is a PRS SE Custom 24 (import - who can afford the real thing?).
August 28 2015 19:33:42 RelativityRelativity
HA You know me enough to know that was next question. Thanks!
August 28 2015 18:27:30
TofzegritTofzegrit Danny ! Excellent mon ami
+1 August 28 2015 19:08:09 TofzegritDannyK
Thanks, Tof the Great! Wink
August 28 2015 18:11:16
jamladyjamlady beautiful drive!
+1 August 28 2015 18:15:36 jamladyDannyK
Thanks! It's a nice track. I'm honored to play both bass and guitar on it.
August 28 2015 18:04:26
cody trippcody tripp AWESOME !!!
+1 August 28 2015 18:06:06 cody trippDannyK
Thanks, Cody!
August 28 2015 18:04:01
aleonzaleonz Congratulation for your new baby, she sounds beautiful, you must be so happy with your new toy smile.gif and Danny you really treat this track very well and sweet, love it!
+1 August 28 2015 18:05:49 aleonzDannyK
Thanks, Alice! I do love it but it's going to take awhile for me to get back into shape. It will be a fun journey for sure!
August 28 2015 18:13:40 aleonzaleonz
hahaha you're doing great, it's a very cool warming up.

everytime my husband get his new baby he always have that "boy with a new toy look" and that happiness is priceless smile.gif enjoy your great time smile.gif I'm happy for you
August 28 2015 18:00:26
MishteriaMishteria Very good Dannyk!!
+1 August 28 2015 18:02:25 MishteriaDannyK
Thank you! smile.gif
Sounds like: [ synth pop ]
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