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One of the hardest things on bass for me is "being soft".
Im still working out alot of sound and studio issue having alot of equipment come too fast.
One thing about Shi , whom Ive been heaping praise on lately , is there is something tonally within her voice that creates a nice pocket for the bass between the drums and her voice. . Often times her voice on a song will remind me to "listen and use finesse" . Its not only her but most bassists should understand that. Listen and youll hear her voice is across the full drum set. Im simply joining those two, softly.
I also chose this track for the beautiful playing and just thought overall it created a visual of Shi as a Merrionette on strings, and the players with an almost tinder/music box quality.
The intro is just "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,All Good Children Go To Heaven" very softly and evenly.Like John McVie/Fleetwood Mac. The bass is double tracked after the second break to expand song. Headphones sound great.


August 29 2015 21:35:47
davetdavet Excellent, excellent well done ALL
A BIG FAT yes from the UK jury DIX Points

August 29 2015 01:36:25
GirardGirard Oh wow, amazing BASS and amazing from everyone ahead of you! Holy moly, one of my favorites EVER here. Great job man.
+1 August 29 2015 01:37:18 GirardRelativity
You tell me every song I ever do is your favorite ever.
August 29 2015 01:38:56 GirardGirard
No, I don't. That's an exaggeration. Reality is that you have topped yourself a few times. I mentioned it each time. It's not an evil conspiracy to make you happy.
August 29 2015 01:39:56 GirardRelativity
I know Im just clowning around. So...what next?
August 29 2015 01:41:43 GirardGirard
Not sure. I was just checking up on you before finding my next jam.
August 29 2015 01:51:11 GirardRelativity
Carry on , Soldier.
August 28 2015 21:13:57
garymcmillgarymcmill Very nice add R
+1 August 28 2015 22:21:46 garymcmillRelativity
Thanks Gary. Cant wait for Santana
August 29 2015 17:43:25 garymcmillgarymcmill
Can't make it sound good. I give up.
August 28 2015 20:56:02
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler very goodsmile.gif
+1 August 28 2015 22:22:30 Lenny CowlerRelativity
Thanks Len!
August 28 2015 20:32:38
ShiShi I like smile.gifsmile.gif your soft side !
+1 August 28 2015 22:23:03 ShiRelativity
Shhhhh. Dont let them know.
August 28 2015 20:08:59
jmrukkersjmrukkers Nice one
+1 August 28 2015 22:23:58 jmrukkersRelativity
thanks , man!
August 28 2015 19:40:30
SexoPhoniXSexoPhoniX That fits =)
Good fine job on the mix to keep the softness. Did you played with your thumb ?

+0 August 28 2015 20:07:16 SexoPhoniXRelativity
No two fingers. I also had light chorus so volume wise I'm even with the snare and kick, hollow chorus fills the upper end of song I lost the sound of the pulse of finger on string in mix but oh well. The master you literally hear fingertips pulsing very gently and even on the roundwounds.Soft is not easy for me.thanks man.
August 28 2015 19:30:50
MidoruMidoru Yes, great playing and mix - good job!
+1 August 28 2015 19:32:07 MidoruRelativity
Midoru. Great compliment coming from you, sir. Im still awaiting a song together my friend. Thank you.
August 28 2015 19:16:53
DannyKDannyK Well, you mixed this perfectly. And you played great, too. smile.gif
+1 August 28 2015 19:19:01 DannyKRelativity
Thanks ..I think I horrified Shi when she heard the Heavy metal Grind Bass version this morning. Try the song out, Danny, its very delicate.Thanks man.
August 28 2015 20:41:37 DannyKShi
I wasn't horrfied R Grin

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