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I was actually waiting for drums to have an idea what this 130 bpm does on this relaxed piano by marcey. But, know, I uploaded, this now...might do some remix if there are some drums added.


August 17 2016 20:43:43
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Your playing is always full of inspiration Kenny!! So Great playing, excellent phrasing, Sound Choice, all is superb! High enjoyable music!! smile.gif
August 16 2016 19:30:35
PJEPJE so completely and consistently wonderful kenny smile.gif
November 19 2015 16:04:04
aleonzaleonz I missed this lovely piece from you somehow Kenny! it's flying beautifully on Marc wonderful it!
+1 November 19 2015 17:38:44 aleonzkennyadry
Wow! What an honor that you have dig your way to found this track great sis! smile.gif Thank you so much smile.gif
September 01 2015 04:09:07
nuno1959nuno1959 It's a blast to ear you play & you're getting very good at this recording thing Kenny, very well done !! Wink
+1 September 01 2015 07:11:35 nuno1959kennyadry
It's good to have you listen Nuno! Marcey's track is gorgeous what I did is just add some spice to it!
September 01 2015 17:28:00 nuno1959nuno1959
Ah, spices… yes ! What would life be without spices ?? Wink
August 29 2015 18:42:32
TofzegritTofzegrit Magnificient, your phrasing and tone are sweat and powerful in the same time and the solo is so grainy...
Very Good Guitar Kenny

+1 August 30 2015 09:50:52 Tofzegritkennyadry
This time i was trying so much not to overdo something. I still want marceys keys lead. Just probably gave a little touch to it!
August 29 2015 16:51:40
cody trippcody tripp GREAT !!!
+1 August 30 2015 09:48:57 cody trippkennyadry
Thanks so much cody! smile.gif
August 29 2015 13:25:53
MarceysMarceys You have added a great atmosphere Kenny! The keys and guitar are blending just right! Thanks for the soulfull ride! smile.gif
+1 August 30 2015 09:47:38 Marceyskennyadry
Thanks marcey! Sorry i wasn't able to wait until the drums add. My fingers just got itchy Wink
September 12 2015 08:15:11 MarceysMarceys
Came accross this oneagain Kenny! That was a terrific jobyoudid there! Think it's hard to play over the timing of the piano without any drums to hold on to! Great job!
September 12 2015 09:36:25 Marceyskennyadry
Thanks Marcey! Still waiting for the drums!
August 29 2015 11:39:44
mpointonmpointon Very tasteful, Kenny. Clean and spacious tone too smile.gif It's on my to-do for drums, just not sure when I'm going to get around to adding yet.
+1 August 29 2015 11:45:06 mpointonkennyadry
Thanks Martin! I'm curious how you're going to put drums on this one smile.gif
August 29 2015 11:46:03 mpointonmpointon
You and me both! Wink
August 29 2015 12:00:32 mpointonkennyadry
looking forward to that!! You might want to check No. 48434 also Wink
August 29 2015 13:20:50 mpointonmpointon
Checked and playlisted! Grin

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