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Bring from home to vacation, another old one when younger I was.
Arranged here, in this amazing place (until tomorrow :(
(then go backto real life)

Vintage electric pianos

Open for all ===NO DRUMS ON HD TRACK========


September 29 2016 17:42:57
GemmyFGemmyF Man listening to these albums and being to comment on the players work is alot of work. I think it would be great if when you commented on the "last" add in a remix tree, it would go to all the players in that tree--if they want it, with that radial click on the preference page. Anyway this is a really smooth and soothe play!
+1 September 29 2016 20:54:12 GemmyFTofzegrit
Thank you and Yes it's easy to listen to a track and reverse climb the mix tree to congratulate each contributor, harder from album player tool.. thanks for taking the time to do this Jim
September 29 2016 20:57:24 GemmyFGemmyF
I mentioned it to Dick if it was possible when you make a comment it goes to all the participants. maybe that's easy. maybe not. Great play. Got distracted by work I'll have to try to listen to the rest of the album!
February 29 2016 18:32:34
GuitarPlyrGuitarPlyr Decouverte à travers le titi harp upload smile.gif superbe accords jazzy
February 29 2016 17:45:21
titititi Superbe mon Tof ! ça t'a inspiré la Corse smile.gif Splash Plouff Gloups smile.gif
February 29 2016 02:29:50
February 28 2016 22:59:16
Pit BrettPit Brett cool tracksmile.gif beautiful!
January 06 2016 20:10:20
UloisiusUloisius Great ;o)
September 03 2015 03:18:12
nuno1959nuno1959 Super cool moody template Tof & Bon Voyage demain ! Frown
Holidays should last longer.. A LOT longer !! Wink Wink

+1 September 03 2015 07:41:56 nuno1959Tofzegrit
Merci Nuno. 900km Tuesday then 450km...
Road runner I am.... Beep beep 💨
September 01 2015 18:34:32
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler very goodsmile.gif
August 31 2015 09:06:34
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Very fine! smile.gif
August 30 2015 22:16:01
MarceysMarceys Wow, that are amazing cool chords Tof and with great timing! Love it! Will take some time to figure these chords out! smile.gif
+1 August 30 2015 22:58:05 MarceysTofzegrit
Merci Marc! I like you like it!
I am lazy cause EZKeys gives the chords name when it reads midi!
Bet there is some maj7 smile.gif
August 31 2015 17:05:23 MarceysTofzegrit
I had a look and min9 and min7 more then maj7 smile.gif
Sounds like: [ jazz ballad ] [ bossa ] [ rhodes ]

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