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I could not pass up the opportunity to join Woxey and SlonMusic in this, thanks friends


September 05 2015 18:21:01
LieschingLiesching Very nicely done, Xavi! smile.gif
+1 September 05 2015 18:26:34 Lieschingivax
Thanks a lot friend Marc. have you not gone to Urft?
September 05 2015 18:28:27 LieschingLiesching
No, "unfortunately" I am in Italy this weekend! But I watch live stream anytime possible! smile.gif You´re not there either, are you?
September 05 2015 18:32:08 Lieschingivax
Not Marc, impossible for family reasons, I have a sick family member at home, but also follow them by streamer, is something spectacular, maybe coming year
September 05 2015 08:13:06
SlonMusicSlonMusic Tasty add, ivax!
+1 September 05 2015 17:05:51 SlonMusicivax
Thanks friend, you was who showed the way forward
September 04 2015 07:17:48
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler very good Ivaxsmile.gif
September 04 2015 05:14:48
nuno1959nuno1959 Gooood Señor Xavi, love your approach.. very cool !!
September 04 2015 00:19:59
KMstarKMstar wow this great, nice job by all here!
+1 September 04 2015 00:40:50 KMstarivax
Thank you KM
September 03 2015 23:36:28
woXeywoXey como no me va a gustar este peaso de tema! tremendo Xavi!! muy buen trabajo si señor! te tengo como referencia a la hora de aprender nuevos licks y ritmos.. tu forma de tocar me inspira mogollon, gracias por estar ahi mestre!
+1 September 04 2015 00:19:27 woXeyivax
Gracias Dami,anoche estaba trabajando con esto ,pero no te dije nada por si no era capaz de terminarla,no tnia muy claro como entrarle al solo del final,pero creo que quda bién ¿No? he pasado unas cuantas horas con el principio para sincronizar con tus efectos y los de Slon,no ha sido alegro que te guste
September 03 2015 23:33:32
PsychoPsycho Excellent clean playing ivax. It takes a very creative mind to do what you just did... bravo !!
+2 September 04 2015 00:36:58 Psychoivax
Psych thank you very much for your support of moral, really I am very weak emotionally and I think that my way of playing is not very good, you know self-criticism it always is the worst enemy of yourself... There are times that the doubts make me insecure, in Wikiloops help me lose fright show my work...
September 03 2015 23:16:59
StefStef Great tune! Great class Ivax!
+1 September 04 2015 00:20:45 Stefivax
very grateful Stef
September 03 2015 22:06:35
abuitremoremabuitremorem it sounds great. super ivax smile.gif
+1 September 03 2015 22:32:03 abuitremoremivax
Thank you for listening to Abu, very grateful
September 03 2015 21:59:23
GlezBassGlezBass Well job friend
+1 September 03 2015 22:30:51 GlezBassivax
Gracias paisano

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