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I am very honored to be asked by Dear Mish to add drums on her beautiful ballad -
I think you just get more and more superb Mish this is a stunning song and I hope this is along the lines you were thinking - my absolute pleasure to join you on this thank you - I hope for further adds bass/guitar maybe?
Best Peter
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August 26 2016 23:20:21
MPMP Fantastic percussion touch PJE
+1 August 27 2016 11:00:26 MPPJE
Thank yousmile.gif
September 19 2015 08:58:48
rockdevilrockdevil I am with Lenny,good work dude smile.gif
+1 September 19 2015 09:59:23 rockdevilPJE
Cool compliment!! thank you so much my friend smile.gif
September 08 2015 15:40:32
GirardGirard Like others have said you find ways to add drama! Great stuff.
+1 September 19 2015 09:58:18 GirardPJE
September 08 2015 15:39:58
GirardGirard Being asked feels good doesn't it? Thanks for being a team player and honoring requests. That's a big part of what it takes to make Wikiloops work!
+1 September 19 2015 09:58:02 GirardPJE
Hey Just like friend you are an inspiration thank yousmile.gif
September 06 2015 20:46:12
sheltonshelton Excellent ! smile.gif
+1 September 07 2015 17:12:21 sheltonPJE
hi shelton my friend very kind of you to say so - cheers man smile.gif
September 06 2015 20:30:17
aduadu Man, i like it smile.gif
+1 September 07 2015 17:11:44 aduPJE
Hi adu you are so good to me my friend thank you I am very happy to hear this fine compliment from you - it means such a lot that you like it smile.gif
September 05 2015 21:40:39
ivaxivax Great PJ
+1 September 07 2015 17:10:13 ivaxPJE
Hey ivax super compliment thank you so much my friendsmile.gif
September 05 2015 10:50:43
RobMRobM What a beautiful add Peter ! smile.gif
+1 September 07 2015 17:09:13 RobMPJE
So kind of you Rob - i really appreciate you saying and thank you my friend smile.gif
September 05 2015 09:45:13
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Peter my friend, this here is another great sensitive add from you, all is at its place ! smile.gif
+1 September 07 2015 17:08:26 frankyguitarPJE
Thank you franky my good friend I am so glad for your beautiful compliment smile.gif
September 05 2015 07:07:39
Lenny CowlerLenny Cowler very good sound and playsmile.gif
+1 September 07 2015 17:07:17 Lenny CowlerPJE
Hey Lenny thank you bro - its very fine indeed to be complimented by such a great drunmer as you my friend and colleague smile.gif
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