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Found two puncture wounds on my neck! I didn't believe in Vampires... until now. Great job guys... hope I didn't scar it?

HD track is too large, so just ask and I'll send it to you.
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September 05 2015 21:10:47
GatorblueGatorblue Great job--all of you. Psycho--you really nailed it by not over-doing it--great subtle add--fits like a glove. --Gator
+1 September 06 2015 00:55:26 GatorbluePsycho
Thanks Gator... I didn't want to make the vamp mad so I took it easy smile.gif
September 06 2015 03:00:38 GatorblueGatorblue
Yeah, beware the vamp. Ha ha.
September 05 2015 18:26:17
LieschingLiesching SUPER solo, Psy! Now this is perfect! smile.gif
+1 September 05 2015 18:39:11 LieschingPsycho
I really appreciate the nice comment and most of all the listen smile.gif
September 05 2015 18:03:58
RelativityRelativity Great solo! Very atmospheric!
+1 September 05 2015 18:38:33 RelativityPsycho
Thanks Rel... used the volume pedal to give it just that smile.gif
September 05 2015 13:51:35
WikimarkWikimark Great work Psycho thanks for the add on the front part it needed it badly 😀
+1 September 05 2015 18:37:30 WikimarkPsycho
Hi Mark, well I saw some room and took it smile.gif Thanks man smile.gif
September 05 2015 10:46:20
PaulBOwensPaulBOwens Absolutely excellent piece of work everyone - sounds release-ready! well done !
+1 September 05 2015 18:36:33 PaulBOwensPsycho
Thanks Paul... you are too kind smile.gif
September 05 2015 01:49:41
KellsBellsKellsBells Put some peroxide and some neosporin on those bite marks. They will go away in a few days. Wink What a fun and entertaining add to this growing beast of a song! Cool solo work too. LOVE LOVE the pick slide down the string. Perfect! Grin That is an amazing tone you are using here, adding to the ghostly sound here. Thanks for working so hard to join us here...bite marks..."Join Us"...hmmm probably no coincidence. Wink Carry on. Grin
+1 September 05 2015 06:10:41 KellsBellsPsycho
How you gals can write such interesting and cool comments is beyond me smile.gif I like my fang marks and want to keep them fresh, so I'll pass on the doctoring stuff... but I sure appreciate the advice smile.gif BTW - again a great song, and it was a treat to jam on, thank you Kelvira smile.gif smile.gif
September 05 2015 06:15:33 KellsBellsKellsBells
Oh My! Kelvira! I love it! Grin You know it isn't hard to leave an interesting and cool comment when what we are commenting on is interesting and cool! Wink Again, so glad you joined us! Grin It is great to have a friend join in! smile.gif
September 05 2015 01:22:34
abuitremoremabuitremorem very cool Psycho smile.gif
+1 September 05 2015 06:06:18 abuitremoremPsycho
Thanks very much abu smile.gif
September 05 2015 00:59:00
RelativityRelativity So what did you think of the tune overall with changes. Pretty cool one from wdurnal heh? Sounds good!
+1 September 05 2015 06:05:46 RelativityPsycho
You bet... caught my ear immediately. You guys did great... thanks for the ear smile.gif
September 05 2015 00:58:49
aleonzaleonz What a great jam Big Psy! got that sweet haunting feel
+1 September 05 2015 06:04:07 aleonzPsycho
It was fun, that's for sure... thanks Big Al... you're a peach smile.gif
September 05 2015 00:37:34
frankyguitarfrankyguitar Awesome Psycho! Love your tune! Fantastic job! smile.gif!
+1 September 05 2015 00:47:38 frankyguitarPsycho
Thanks franky.... very kind of you. I mixed it the best I could, but the loud cymbals kinda hurt it a bit. Oh well, still a cool jam !!
September 05 2015 01:21:14 frankyguitarfrankyguitar
Yes my friend, I could also not resist! LOL and yeah the cymbals at the beginning - loud!
Sounds like: [ eerie ] [ rock ]
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