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Oh Marc...I don't even know what to say. You are brilliant my Dear Friend and I thank you so much for sharing your amazing music with us. It is a true joy to listen to and an even bigger joy to get to become a part of it. :)

Would love to hear some adds, mixes to this wonderful song. Vocals are in the HD Download. I hope you all enjoy. :)
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August 25 2016 20:19:15
Guitar75Guitar75 Wow Kells! Really Really Impressive!
August 09 2016 13:21:46
PJEPJE Hey Kelly
How can I compliment as it seems to have all been said below so well....... so I will just listen enchanted by the emotion and fantastic combination

June 21 2016 01:33:04
WadeWade Just caught up with this amazing song from you. Making the most of Marc's great emotive template. So much feeling!
January 31 2016 19:29:56
+1 January 31 2016 19:39:03 WHITEPONGOKellsBells
Thank you Chris. smile.gif
January 12 2016 06:52:49
TrebleClifTrebleClif Amazing piano and vocals. Chills.
+1 January 12 2016 07:03:24 TrebleClifKellsBells
Thank you! Marc's piano is the chilling part. smile.gif
November 12 2015 16:24:36
UWE GIESAUWE GIESA NICE nice nice and ...NICE !!!
+1 November 12 2015 16:55:23 UWE GIESAKellsBells
Thanks, thanks, thanks and...THANK YOU! smile.gif So glad you enjoyed this one. smile.gif
November 08 2015 23:33:47
frenziefrenzie This is truly a wonderful job kellsbells!....Great song...very emotional...
+1 November 09 2015 02:59:52 frenzieKellsBells
Thank you so much, Frenzie. It's not hard to be emotional with Marc's lovely piano as your musical track. smile.gif Thank you for stopping by!
November 09 2015 11:52:26 frenziefrenzie
I know what you mean,Marc is such a great player Wink
November 09 2015 17:54:57 frenziefrenzie
Btw: "abandon all hope" there is hope! in you singing as beautiful like this and giving us such a tune Wink
November 09 2015 17:58:13 frenzieKellsBells
You are very sweet Frenzie! smile.gif Very kind words from you. Grin
November 09 2015 18:00:13 frenziefrenzie
You're welcome Kells Wink
October 15 2015 21:38:13
IkkoIkko This tune is wonderfull. Epic, deep, magic...
I want to do something with this.

+1 October 15 2015 22:20:33 IkkoKellsBells
Thank you Ikko, so much. smile.gif I hope you DO do something with this. smile.gif I can't wait to hear it.
October 15 2015 22:53:50 IkkoIkko
Was listening to Ayreon just before smile.gif gave me a good idea, just need to get a mic, what I don't have for now, so I can do DO Pfft
October 08 2015 00:27:23
rtkradlertkradle Awesome...! There is no Emoji worthy of placement here.
+1 October 15 2015 22:21:24 rtkradleKellsBells
Thank you RT. smile.gif A speechless emoji is a fine compliment. smile.gif
October 07 2015 19:38:06
HaffastHaffast Stunningly beautiful. The most heartfelt pairing of grace and magnificence on this site.

No editing tricks. No fancy frills.

Just pure talent.

+3 October 07 2015 19:51:28 HaffastKellsBells
Wow Aaron... Floored by your comment my Dearest friend. Thank you. smile.gif
October 07 2015 19:52:59 HaffastHaffast
Just as I'm floored by your talent...
Sounds like: [ Liesching ] [ Kells Bells ] [ Piano Ballad ]

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